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Nokia 6108 User Manual: Contacts (menu 3); Contacts Settings

Nokia 6108: users guide.
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Call cost limit
cost of your calls to a certain
amount of charging units or units
of currency. The PIN2 code is
required for the call cost settings.
Note: When no more
charging units or
currency units are left,
calls may only be
possible to the
emergency number
programmed into your
phone (e.g. 112, or other
official emergency
GPRS data counter
check the amounts of data that
were sent or received in the last
session, data sent and received in
total, and to clear the counters.
The counter unit is a byte. The
security code is required to clear
the counters.
GPRS connection timer
check the approximate duration
of the last GPRS connection or
the total GPRS connection. You
can also clear the timers. To clear
the timers, the security code is
■ Contacts
to limit the
You can save names and phone
numbers in the phone's memory
(internal contacts) and in the SIM
card's memory (SIM contacts).
• The internal contacts may save
• The phone supports SIM cards
Scroll to

Contacts settings

Settings. Select
Scroll to
M e n u f u n c t i o n s
(Menu 3)
up to 500 names with numbers
and text notes about each name.
The number of names that can be
saved depends on the length of
the names, and the number and
length of the phone numbers and
text items.
that can save up to 250 names
and phone numbers. Names and
numbers saved in the SIM card's
memory, are indicated by
and select
Memory in use
to select the
contacts you want to use. To find
names and numbers from both
phone and SIM card, select
Phone and
SIM. The names and
numbers will be saved in the
phone's memory.
Contacts view
to select how the
names and numbers in the
contacts are displayed.


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