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Controls - NEC MultiSync FE700 User Manual

Flat enterprise series
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Controls cont.
Factory Preset: Selecting Factory Preset allows you a reset most OSM
settings back to the factory settings. A warning statement will appear to confirm
that you do want to reset ALL settings. Individual settings can be reset by high-
lighting the control to be reset and pressing the RESET button.
Tools 2
Language: OSM controls menus are available in seven languages.
OSM Turn Off: The OSM controls menu will stay on as long as it is in use. In the
OSM Turn Off sub-menu, you can select how long the monitor waits after the last
touch of a button for the OSM controls menu to disappear. The preset choices
are 10, 20, 30, 60 and 120 seconds.
OSM Lock Out: This control completely locks out access to all OSM controls
functions except Brightness and Contrast. When attempting to activate OSM
controls while in the lock out mode, a screen will appear indicating that OSM
controls are locked out. To activate the OSM Lock Out function, press PROCEED,
then press
and hold down simultaneously. To deactivate the OSM Lock Out,
press PROCEED, then press
System Off Mode:
NOTE: For standard systems and graphics boards, keep the factory setting
Refresh Notifier: A message will advise you if the refresh rate of the signal being
applied to the monitor by the computer is too low. For further information, please
refer to your display card or system manual.
Display Mode: Indicates the current mode and frequency setting of the monitor.
Monitor Info: Indicates the model name and serial numbers of your monitor.
and hold down simultaneously.
Enable: The IPM System works
normally and all stages of
energy savings are utilized.
Disable: The Off Mode of the IPM
System is not used.
8/16/99, 3:38 PM


Table of Contents

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