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Controls - NEC MultiSync FE700 User Manual

Flat enterprise series
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(On-Screen Manager) control buttons on the front of the monitor function
as follows:
Main Menu
Exits the OSM menu.
Moves the highlighted
area up/down to select
one of the controls.
Moves the highlighted
area left/right to select
one of the controls.
Has no function.
Resets all the controls within
the highlighted menu
to the factory setting.
When RESET is pressed in the main and sub-menu, a warning
window will appear allowing you to cancel the reset function.
When OSM controls are activated, icons are displayed at the top of the menu.
If an arrow ( ) is displayed in a sub-menu, it indicates further choices are
available. To enter a sub, sub-menu, press PROCEED.
Brightness/Contrast Controls
Brightness: Adjusts the overall image and background screen brightness.
Contrast: Adjusts the image brightness in relation to the background.
Degauss: Eliminates the buildup of stray magnetic fields which alter the correct
scan of the electron beams and affect the purity of the screen colors, focus and
convergence. When activated, your screen image will jump and waver a bit as
the screen is demagnetized.
Caution: Please allow a minimum of 20 minutes to elapse between uses of the
Degauss Control.
Size and Position Controls
Left/Right: Moves the image horizontally (left or right).
Down/Up: Moves the image vertically (up or down).
Narrow/Wide: Decreases or increases the horizontal size of the image.
Short/Tall: Decreases or increases the vertical size of the image.
Exits to the OSM controls
main menu.
Moves the highlighted area
up/down to select one of the
Moves the bar in the – or +
direction to decrease or
increase the adjustment.
Only executes control
or enters sub, sub-menu.
Resets the highlighted control
to the factory setting.
8/16/99, 3:38 PM


Table of Contents

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