SONY VCT-CGR1 - Cage Manual
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SONY VCT-CGR1 - Cage Manual



You can extend the continuous shooting time by setting [Auto Pwr OFF Temp.] to [High].

For more information, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your camera.

Notes on use

  • Make sure that a camera or mounts are firmly attached to this unit. If any of them is loose, it may fall off the unit and cause an accident or injuries.
  • The accessory in use or the way the accessory is attached may impede your operation of button(s) on the camera.
  • While a camera is not attached to this unit, turning the dial in the direction indicated by will eventually disengage the part that holds the camera. If it comes off, put it back in place and turn the dial in the direction indicated by .
    Attaching the Camera
  • This unit is supplied with a spare component for replacement. Make sure you keep it in a safe place.
  • While a camera is attached to this unit, Bluetooth communications to/from the camera are disturbed. In such a case, bring your smartphone closer to the camera.
  • When multiple connections between cameras and a smartphone have been established via Wi-Fi, attaching this product to one of the cameras may cause the communication to become unstable depending on the directions of the cameras and the connection environment.
    For details on the multiple connections, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the cameras.
  • When attaching a tripod to this unit, use one with a screw that is no longer than 5.5 mm (7/32 in.). This unit cannot be firmly fastened on a tripod using a longer screw. Attempting to do so will damage this unit.
  • Using this unit with products from other manufacturers may affect its performance, leading to accidents or malfunction.


Mass: Approx. 160 g (5.7 oz)
Mounting screw holes (1/4-20UNC) 35 holes
Mounting hole pitch: 10 mm (13/32 in.)
Included items: Cage (1), Camera fixing screw (2) (one attached, one supplied for replacement), Set of printed documentation
Included Items

© 2017 Sony Corporation
Printed in China

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