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Motorola HMVC3050 Quick Start Manual page 4

Wireless day/night camera
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Using the screws provided, secure the camera mounting bracket to the wall. Pull off the camera base by
pulling straight down. The base detaches from the upper back side. Slide the camera down on to the
bracket until it is firmly seated and you feel it click as the contacts engage.
Position the camera to view the desired area and plug in the power supply. Please keep in mind that the
field of view is 80 degrees and motion sen
Make adjustments to the camera viewing angle by tilting and panning the camera head with your hand.
Wall Mount Drilling Template
Mounting tools: Screwdriver, electric drill, or awl. On hard surfaces, Motorola recommends that you pre-drill
½-inch-deep pilot holes with a drill bit slightly smaller than the camera mounting screws before securing the
camera to the surface. When mounting a camera on soft surfaces like sheetrock, use an awl to punch holes in
the material slightly smaller than the plastic
The illustration is drawn to a one-to-one
mount the unit.
sor distance works up to 12–14 feet (3.5–4 m).
anchors included in the hardware mounting kit.
scale, which means that it provid
Drill holes in
these positions
Detach base
es the exact dimensions required to
1.11 in



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