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Motorola MOTONAV T805 User Manual: Troubleshooting

Phone-based navigation system.
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12 – Troubleshooting
If one of the following conditions exists, please contact Customer Care at the appropriate
number listed in section 14 – Motorola Customer Care.
MOTONAV did not install correctly.
You want to transfer MOTONAV to a new phone.
You lost your Voucher Card for activation.
You need to reinstall MOTONAV.
If you cannot get a GPS signal from your dash or visor:
Your front windshield may be metalized and is blocking the GPS signals. Try moving the receiver
to a new location and check for GPS lock. Usually only the front window is metalized, so putting
the GPS receiver in the rear window may improve GPS signal strength. Putting the receiver near
the metal roof may also have the same effect. Sometimes manufacturers will leave an
unmetalized spot on the windshield for radio reception purposes. Put your GPS receiver there.
GPS signals are the strongest when the receiver has a clear view of the sky above.
If you do not get any voice prompts:
Please make sure the volume is turned on high enough. Make sure the Mute option is off. In the
Navigation mode (Map View or Maneuver View) select Menu > Mute. If a black dot appears next
to the Mute option, then the Mute function is turned on.
If MOTONAV always shows you on the road when you are walking:
From the MOTONAV Menu, select Navigate > Options > Route Settings > Activate
Pedestrian Mode. The Navigate menu will be shown, and your routes will now be calculated in
pedestrian mode.
If you cannot use your hands-free device while using MOTONAV:
This is not an error. The phone has only one Bluetooth link. While it is being used by MOTONAV, it
cannot be used by the handsfree system. However, a wired system can still be used.


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