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Motorola MOTONAV T805 User Manual: Introduction; What Is Motonav; Motonav Features

Phone-based navigation system.
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1 – Introduction
Welcome to the world of mobile navigation! With the Phone-Based Navigation System T805
featuring MOTONAV™ and Bluetooth® technology, you can steer into a new era of mobile navigation.
Simple operation, clear maps in 2D or 3D mode, as well as numerous innovative features and functions
make the T805 the essential navigation aid for every traveler – whether in the car or on foot.

What is MOTONAV?

MOTONAV is a unique route guidance software package that uses both GPS satellites for position data
and MOTONAV's service center for routes, searches, and traffic congestion data. GPS data is obtained
with the wireless GPS receiver, and MOTONAV uses your phone's wireless data connection to access the
MOTONAV service center. Together, MOTONAV calculates the optimal route to your destination.
Any turn is okay with MOTONAV. You can deviate from your planned route at any time. For example, you
can avoid traffic, detour around road blocks, or take an alternate road. MOTONAV recalculates your route
from your current location.
MOTONAV optimizes your route based on local traffic conditions (where available) and guides you around
traffic jams wherever it is practical. Easy to understand direction symbols and pleasant voice instructions
guide you to your destination.
MOTONAV's output takes the form of Maps, Voice alerts, Voice prompts, and Visual alerts:
Maps are used to show your current location and to show where you are going.
Voice alerts are used to warn you when certain events happen or thresholds are exceeded
(Example: "New route").
Voice Prompts are used to tell you when and where to perform an action (Example: "In 200 yards
turn right").
Visual alerts are used to warn you of non-critical events. (Example: "Low battery", "Audio is
muted", or "Data transfer in process").

MOTONAV Features

MOTONAV provides the following features:
Bluetooth Wireless connection from your phone to the GPS receiver
Turn-by-turn Navigation with voice guidance
Local search for businesses and points of interest (POI)
Share locations with others
Pedestrian navigation mode
Announce street names during guidance
Route calculation within seconds
High quality maps with display of street names
3D map view option
Moving map display
Calculation of routes from locations received by SMS
Cross border navigation without switching maps
Fast installation and setup wizard
Car navigation with fastest or shortest route
Day and night views


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