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Motorola MOTONAV T805 User Manual: Gps Receiver Operating Basics; Connecting The Car Charger; Turning The Gps Receiver On And Off; Power Saving Features

Phone-based navigation system.
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7 – GPS Receiver Operating Basics

Connecting the Car Charger

Plug the car charger into any auxiliary power/cigarette lighter jack. Remove the rubber dust cap from the
GPS receiver's power adapter connector and insert the other end of the charger cord into the connector.
Once the battery has been charged, as indicated by the battery status light turning green, remove the
power connector and replace the dust cap. Note that when the GPS receiver is on, the battery will charge
when a charger is connected, but the status light will not turn green.
Note: Store the GPS battery at room temperature to avoid capacity loss.

Turning the GPS Receiver On and Off

To turn the GPS receiver on, press the power button for longer than 2 seconds. This is indicated by the
battery status light turning on, then the GPS status light, and then the Bluetooth status light. Pressing
the power button for longer than 2 seconds again will turn the receiver off. This is indicated by the
Bluetooth status light turning off, then the GPS status light turning off, and then the battery status light
turning off (the reverse sequence of powering on).

Power Saving Features

Once the Bluetooth link is connected and the GPS receiver has acquired a position fix, the status lights
will turn off after 10 seconds to conserve battery power and to reduce distraction during normal use.
Momentarily pressing the power button will turn them back on to allow you to view the status of the
receiver. If the Bluetooth link is disconnected or if the GPS receiver loses position fix, the LED's will start
flashing to indicate this condition.
If there is no Bluetooth connection for 1 hour, the GPS receiver will turn off to save battery power. If you
want to use it again, you will have to turn it back on using the power button.
Under normal circumstances, the GPS receiver should get approximately ten hours of life out of one full

Indicator Lights

Battery Status Light

This light indicates the amount of power left in the battery. A flashing red light means you need to charge
the battery. A green light means the battery is fully charged. An orange light indicates the battery is mid-
way between fully charged and needing a charge.
Plugging in the power adaptor cable will cause the battery status light to remain on in order to show the
state of charge on the battery. A flashing red light will turn solid red when the charger is plugged in.
Unplug the power adaptor cable when the light turns green.

GPS Status Light

The GPS status light will blink orange when it is not locked on to any GPS satellites. A flashing GPS status
light means that your location cannot be determined. If a GPS lock cannot be achieved, you may have to
move the location of your GPS receiver to get a better view of the sky. Indoor operation generally does
not give sufficient signal strength to achieve a GPS lock. Move the receiver to a window for stronger
signal strength. The initial GPS lock may take several minutes to achieve.


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