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Motorola MOTONAV T805 User Manual: Using Accessories; M Ounting The Gps R Eceiver; Dash Mount

Phone-based navigation system.
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5 – Using Accessories
Important: Read Before Setup
Always use the supplied mounting hardware.
An air bag inflates with great force. DO NOT place objects, including communication equipment, in the
area over the air bag or in the air bag deployment area. If the communication equipment is improperly
installed and the air bag inflates, serious injury could occur.
Some experimentation may be needed for optimal placement of the GPS receiver. If a GPS lock cannot be
achieved in one location, try moving it to another location and see if better performance can be achieved.
Metal roofs, metalized windows, and window solar shielding can all affect GPS satellite signal strength. If
the front windshield is metalized, the manufacturer may have included a non-metalized spot specifically
for radio equipment. Because of the Bluetooth link, you can also put the GPS receiver in the rear window
if the front window is not satisfactory. The side windows can also be used. Maximum GPS signal strength
is achieved when the GPS receiver is mounted with a clear view of the sky.
Note: GPS performance is degraded in French cars due to windshield coating. It is recommended that you
use the rear window of your car or look for a non-coated area.
When using any of the supplied adhesives, better adhesion can be achieved if the mounting surface is
first cleaned with an appropriate cleaner. A cleansing swab is supplied for this purpose.
The adhesives included to attach items to the dash are very strong and in general are not reusable.
Please take care to get the items in the correct position the first time. Repositioning them once they have
been stuck down is very difficult.
Some states do not allow any obstruction of the driver's view by objects mounted on the dash or the
window. Please check local regulations before installing accessories in these positions.
All communication equipment must be solidly attached to your vehicle. In case of accidents, anything not
anchored to the vehicle can become a projectile and may cause injury. Always use the supplied mounting
Do not mount any device within range of an inflated air bag. Contact your local vehicle dealer if you are
unsure if an airbag can impact your device.
Do not interfere with any airbags. Do not obstruct any views of the driver. Do not mount the GPS
receiver over any heating or cooling vents. The GPS receiver should not be a distraction to the driver.
Mounting the GPS Receiver
The GPS Receiver can be mounted in several ways:
Dash Mount
The dash mount bracket allows the GPS receiver to be mounted to the dash so it does not slide around
during sudden vehicle maneuvers. The GPS receiver can be easily snapped into and out of the dash
mount bracket should you desire to remove it from the vehicle. There are three different ways of
attaching it:
Note: Do not apply any of the adhesive pads directly to the bottom of the GPS receiver. Doing so will
prevent it from fitting into any of the supplied mounting brackets. Before placing the adhesives, please
check that the GPS receiver can achieve a GPS lock in your preferred location. The adhesive pads are not
reusable should you have to move the GPS receiver, and they are difficult to remove.


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