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Motorola MOTONAV T805 User Manual: Map; Options; Birdview

Phone-based navigation system.
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The Map menu, you can select from the following options:
Update - Calculate a new route, taking into account traffic conditions and wrong turns.
Route, Moving map, Birdview – View other designated map views.
Zoom + - Zoom in.
Zoom - - Zoom out.


From the Options menu, you can select from the following options:
Navigate menu – Returns you to the Navigate menu screen.
Main Menu – Returns you to the main MOTONAV menu screen.
Speed alert on/off – Turns speed alert on or off to warn you if you are exceeding the speed limit.
Economy on/off - Use the economy mode to avoid additional GPRS/UMTS/3G data transmission
charges. Economy mode prevents the automatic reloading of a new route based on your new
location. This is especially important for cost control when navigating abroad.
Update route - Calculate a new route, taking into account traffic conditions and wrong turns.
Night mode on/off – Changes the display into a shaded mode to reduce glare.
Audio on/off – Turns the navigation voice on or off.
Repeat announcement – Select the option of repeating the most recent warnings, events, or
announcements during navigation.
Backlight on/off – Turns the screen's backlight on or off.
Help – Gives directions on how to use various MOTONAV functionalities during navigation.


Note: Not available on all phones models.
From the Birdview screen, you can view your location along the route in 3-D.
To show the Birdview screen, select Navigate to: from the Navigate menu. When the Maneuver
View is shown, select Map > Birdview. The Birdview screen will appear, as shown below.
The screen shows the following information:
A view of the route you are traveling on highlighted in green, zoomed in to show the section of
the route closest to your current location
Your current location along the route designated by a red arrow
Maneuver arrow in the top right hand corner designating your next maneuver to make
Name of the street you are currently on or, when near a maneuver, name of the street you will
turn onto
Total distance until your next turn
Compass-based direction
You may return to the Maneuver View screen by pressing Arrows.


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