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Lowrance X-29 Installation And Operation Instructions Manual: Troubleshooting

Lowrance x-29 fish radar: operation instruction.
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If your unit is not working, or if you need technical help, please use the
following troubleshooting section before contacting the factory customer
service department. It may save you the trouble of returning your unit.
Unit won't turn on:
1. Check the power cable's connection at the unit. Also check the wiring.
2. Make certain the power cable is wired properly. The red wire connects
to the positive battery terminal, black to negative or ground.
3. Check the fuse.
4. Measure the battery voltage at the unit's power connector. It should be
at least 11 volts. If it isn't, the wiring to the unit is defective, the battery
terminals or wiring on the terminals are corroded, or the battery needs
Unit freezes, locks up, or operates erratically:
1. Electrical noise from the boat's motor, trolling motor, or an accessory
may be interfering with the sonar unit. Rerouting the power and
transducer cables away from other electrical wiring on the boat may
help. Route the sonar unit's power cable directly to the battery instead
of through a fuse block or ignition switch
2. Inspect the transducer cable for breaks, cuts, or pinched wires.
3. Check the transducer and power connector. Make certain it's securely
plugged in to the unit.
Weak bottom echo, digital readings erratic, or no fish signals:
1. Make certain transducer is pointing straight down. Clean the face of the
transducer. Oil, dirt, and fuel can cause a film to form on the transducer,
reducing its effectiveness. If the transducer is mounted inside the hull,
be sure it is shooting through only one layer of fiberglass and that it is
securely bonded to the hull. Do NOT use RTV silicone rubber adhesive
or Marinetex
2. Electrical noise from the boat's motor can interfere with the sonar. This
causes the sonar to automatically increase its Discrimination or noise
rejection feature. This can cause the unit to eliminate weaker signals
such as fish or even structure from the display.
3. The water may be deeper than the sonar's ability to find the bottom. If
the sonar can't find the bottom signal while it's in the automatic mode,


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