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Lowrance X-28 Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Lowrance x-28 sonar: operation instruction.
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    UPS RETURN SERVICE - USA ONLY ... 24 HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE - INTERNATIONAL ... 27 HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE - USA ONLY ... BACK COVER Copyright © 1997 Lowrance Electronics, Inc. Copyright © 1997 Lowrance Electronics, Inc. Copyright © 1997 Lowrance Electronics, Inc.

  • Page 3: Introduction

    All you have to do is press the on key. However, if you wish to fine tune the unit, simply press a menu key. The X-28 has powerful features available through easy-to-use menus.

  • Page 4: Installation

    INSTALLATION - Bracket You can install the X-28 on the top of a dash or from an overhead with the supplied bracket. It can also be installed in the dash with an optional IDA- 3 or IDA-4 mounting kit. If you use the supplied bracket, you may be interested in the optional GBSA-1 swivel bracket kit.

  • Page 5: Power Connections

    POWER CONNECTIONS The X-28 works from a 12 volt DC system only. For the best results, run the power cable directly to the boat’s battery. Keep the power cable away from other boat wiring, especially the engine’s wires. This will give the best isolation from electrical noise.

  • Page 6: Keyboard Basics

    DISPLAY - General The lights flash for about ten seconds when the X-28 is turned on. Two menus appear, one after the other. The menus are the lights (BACK LIGHT) and feet-meter selection (FEET/METER). To turn the lights on, press the up arrow key while the backlight menu is showing.

  • Page 7: Menus

    NOTE: Turning the X-28 off erases all user settings and it returns to the system defaults. For example, if you turn the lights on, then turn the unit off, the next time you turn the unit on, the lights will be off, since the default setting for the lights is off.

  • Page 8: Range

    RANGE - Upper and Lower Limits The X-28 lets you change the upper and lower range limits when it's in the manual mode. This lets you "zoom" in on segments of the water as small as 10 feet.

  • Page 9: Zoom

    21 FOOT UPPER LIMIT seconds and the menu will scroll off the screen’s left side. Pressing the PWR/CLEAR key also clears it. To change the lower limit, again make certain the unit is in the manual mode. Press a menu key until the "LOWER LIMIT" menu appears. Now press the down arrow key to increase the lower limit or the up arrow key to increase it.

  • Page 10

    Then press the down arrow key in the RANGE/ZOOM menu to place the X-28 in the zoom mode. Now press the MENU FWD key to see the zoom size menu as shown above. You can change the zoom size...

  • Page 11: Sensitivity

    The X-28 adjusts the sensitivity level to keep a solid bottom signal on the screen. It adds a little extra when it’s in the automatic mode. This gives it the capability to show fish and other detail.

  • Page 12: Grayline

    The level chosen by the X-28 when it’s first turned on is usually adequate for most conditions. Experiment with your unit to find the Grayline setting that’s best.

  • Page 13: Fishtrack

    This feature is automatically enabled when the X-28 is turned on. To turn it off or on again, press a menu key repeatedly until the Fish Track menu appears as shown below.

  • Page 14: Chart Speed

    Chart speed is set to maximum when the X-28 is first turned on. To decrease it, press the down arrow key. Press the up arrow key to increase the speed again.

  • Page 15: Alarms

    Digital This is the digital only screen. It shows the digital depth display at the top of the screen in very large numbers. The shallow and deep alarm settings are displayed beneath the digital depth. No chart shows on this screen. ALARMS FISH ALARM The Fish Alarm sounds a tone when a fish...

  • Page 16: Light

    The menu will clear automatically after a few seconds. FEET/METER The X-28 can show the depth in feet or meters When the unit is in the metric mode, all depth readings, ranges, zooms, and alarm settings are in meters. When a unit is in the feet mode, all of the above settings are in feet.

  • Page 17: Display Contrast

    PWR/CLEAR key to clear the screen. ASP (Advanced Signal Processing) ASP is a program embedded in the X-28’s computer that is specifically designed to eliminate noise. It continually monitors the signals from the receiver, determines which echoes are noise and rejects them. This allows true target echoes to display on the screen with a minimum of clutter.

  • Page 18: Simulator

    SIMULATOR The X-28 has a simulator built into it that can show a simulated bottom signal with fish. All features of the X-28 work normally when the simulator is in use. You can change the range, zoom, and use the alarms as desired.

  • Page 19: Fish Arches

    For example, if the cone passes over a fish in shallow water, the signal displayed on the X-28 may not arch at all. This is due to the narrow cone diameter and the resolution limitations of the display.

  • Page 20: Water Temperature And Thermoclines

    For example, from 45 to 60 feet. The smaller the segment, the better the screen resolution will be. The easiest way to do this on the X-28 is with the Zoom feature. This feature expands the echoes, making it easier to see detail. For the best results, turn the sensitivity up as high as possible without getting too much noise on the screen.

  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    The X-28 can detect this invisible layer in the water, but the sensitivity will probably have to be turned up to see it. TROUBLESHOOTING If your unit is not working, or if you need technical help, please use the following troubleshooting section before contacting the factory customer service department.

  • Page 22

    1. The transducer may be in turbulent water. It must be mounted in a smooth flow of water in order for the sonar to work at all boat speeds. Air bubbles in the water disrupt the sonar signals, interfering with its ability to find the bottom or other targets.

  • Page 23

    Make certain the engine is off, also. Turn your X-28 on, then turn off ASP (Advanced Signal Process- ing). There should be a steady bottom signal on the display. Now turn on each piece of electrical equipment on the boat and view the effect on the sonar’s display.

  • Page 24

    Make certain to use the in-line fuse supplied with the unit when wiring the power cable to the battery! When no noise appears on the sonar unit after all of the above tests, then the noise source is probably cavitation. Many novices or persons with limited experience make hasty sonar installations which function perfectly in shallow water, or when the boat is at rest.

  • Page 25: Warranty

    LOWRANCE ELECTRONICS FULL ONE-YEAR WARRANTY “We”, “our”, or “us” refers to LOWRANCE ELECTRONICS, INC., the manufacturer of this product. “You” or “your” refers to the first person who purchases this product as a consumer item for personal, family, or household use.

  • Page 26: Ups Return Service - Usa Only

    United States, use the enclosed UPS shipping label for easy, free shipping to our factory customer service department. There are six easy steps: 1.Call Lowrance at the toll-free number on the front of this flyer for a Return Authorization (RA) number and instructions about what accessories to return.

  • Page 27: Accessory Ordering Information

    This UPS shipping offer is good only in the continental United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii). Lowrance Electronics may find it necessary to change or end our shipping policies, regulations, and special offers at any time. We reserve the right to do so without notice.

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  • Page 29: How To Obtain Service - International

    1. Always use the original shipping container and filler material the product was packed in when shipping your product. 2 Always insure the parcel against damage or loss during shipment. Lowrance does not assume responsiblity for goods lost or damaged in transit.

  • Page 30

    180 days rather than one year. For further details, please call us at the above number. Lowrance also gives you free UPS shipping from anywhere in the continen- tal United States both to and from the factory for all warranty repairs. You can also use the enclosed UPS shipping label for non-warranty shipments.

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