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Lowrance X-29 Installation And Operation Instructions Manual: Sensitivity; Grayline

Lowrance x-29 fish radar: operation instruction.
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The sensitivity menu lets you control the unit's ability to pick up echoes. A
low sensitivity level excludes much of the bottom information, fish signals,
and other detail. High sensitivity settings lets you see features, but it can
also clutter the screen with noise and other unwanted signals. Typically,
the best sensitivity level shows a good, solid bottom signal with grayline.
This sonar unit adjusts the sensitivity level to keep a solid bottom signal on
the screen. It adds a little extra when it's in the automatic mode. This gives
it the capability to show fish and other detail. However, situations occur
where it becomes necessary to increase or decrease the sensitivity level.
Typically, this occurs when you wish to see more detail, so you need to
increase the sensitivity. The procedure to adjust it is the same whether the
unit is in the automatic or manual mode.
To change the sensitivity level, first press the
menu key until the sensitivity menu appears.
If the unit is in automatic, the menu shows
"AUTO SENS." Otherwise, the menu shows
"MAN SENS." Now press the up arrow key to
increase the sensitivity, the down arrow to
decrease it. The percentage of sensitivity in
use shows in this menu. Echoes scrolling
onto the screen will also show the effects of
the sensitivity change. If you reach the maxi-
mum or minimum sensitivity level, a tone
sounds alerting you to the limits.
After you've adjusted the unit to the desired sensitivity level, press the
PWR key to clear the display. If you wait a few seconds, it will automatically


Grayline lets you distinguish between strong and weak echoes. It "paints"
gray on targets that are stronger than a preset level. This shows the
difference between a hard or soft bottom, large fish versus smaller ones,
or rocks and brush on the bottom. For example, a soft, muddy, or weedy
bottom returns a weaker signal which shows a narrow or no gray line. A
hard bottom returns a strong signal that causes a wide gray line.
If you have two targets of equal size, one with gray and the other without,
the target with gray is the stronger echo. This helps distinguish fish from
structure, or the larger fish from a smaller one.


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