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Lowrance X-25 Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Lowrance x-25 sonar: operation instruction.
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  • Page 1

    X-25 OPERATION INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS LOWRANCE ELECTRONICS, INC. 12000 OK 74128 SKELLY DR., TULSA, LITHO IN U.S.A. 988-0105-33 PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor...

  • Page 2

    OTES PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    (Advanced Signal Processing) TRANSDUCERS CONE ANGLES SIGNAL INTERPRETATION FISH ARCHES WATER TEMPERATURE THERMOCLINES SURVEYING LAKE BAIT FISH SONAR TROUBLESHOOTING © Lowrance Electronics, Inc Copyright 1990, All rights reserved. subject to features specifications All screens this manual without notice. change simulated.

  • Page 4

    Make with the unit when wiring the power cable to the supplied When no noise appears on the sonar unit after all of the noise source Many novices or cavitation, probably experience make hasty sonar...

  • Page 5: Introduction

    60 foot way, range range. and transducer cables can pass through is one inch. show much more detail. can't sonar. Your X-25 is Lowrancq purchasing sonar designed for both professional feature that finds and displays the have automatic...

  • Page 6: Power Connections

    Finally, fasten bracket POWER CONNECTIONS The X-25 works from 12 volt system only. For power cable directly boat's battery. cable away from other boat wiring, especially...

  • Page 7: Speed/termperature Sensor

    The most become efficient Start with to survey with your X-25. relation and indicate spots promising your X-25 will tell you about you go your survey, will also reveal suspended fish. bottom. type Keep a few marker buoys...

  • Page 8: Keyboard Basics

    It also clears menu selections from the menus screen. This key turns unit off. MENU The X-25 has many that are menus features UP and ARROWS DOWN these keys adjust virtually every unit. Use these keys sensitivity, chart speed, adjust more.

  • Page 9: Display

    ON/CLEAR waft, from the screen. the X-25 is first turned on, the display appears The unit is the automatic mode on the of the left side screen. In range displays...

  • Page 10: Operation

    For arch shape fish the cone passes over shallow water, at all. This is due to the on the X-25 may not arch diameter and resolution limitations over fish. "A" shown the distance distance signal narrow display.

  • Page 11: Zoom Automatic Operation

    The unit doesn't are slightly until RANGE/ This switches ZM—— • •- •i between the the top left corner. For limit feet, the appears in this the X-25 is track- display.

  • Page 12: Zoom- Manual Operation

    This shaped beam. looks much of the cone is the outside between edges with either an transducers choice X-25 has a 20 with transducer supplied angle. transducers (20 degrees) are wide cone angle angle. Typically, water shallow medium depths. operating of the underwater world.

  • Page 13: Sensitivity

    ON/CLEAR minimum clutter. with automatically clear. useful since especially boat at operate sensitivity GRAYLINE adjusting the X-25 is first To turn ASP enabled. GRAYLINE the ASP menu appears. "paints" gray off. The turn shows you can press the seconds smaller ones,...

  • Page 14: Fish Id

    ON/CLEAR screen. FEET/METER The X-25 can show meters. When mode, all depth readings, ranges, zooms, alarm settings knots and log is displays miles. Temperature When it's above settings are in feet, miles statute miles.

  • Page 15: Chartspeed

    ___________________ appears. Chart — when the X-25 is first turned on. To the down crease it, press 373FT ac ec Press arrow key The bar graph speed again. CHART Speed menu SPEED —s...

  • Page 16: Display Mode

    Then press the up are as modes follows: appears. (Chart mode used when the This is the default X-25 is first turned on. It has following features: 1. Automatic On 2. Fish ID Feature 3. Digital Depth Display On (Chart Same as Chart...

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