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Model WHES18
How to install, operate
and maintain your Demand
Controlled Water Softener
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installing, operating or maintaining your water
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found on the rating decal, typically located on
the rim below the salt lid.
System tested and certified by NSF International
against NSF/ANSI Standard 44
for hardness reduction and efficiency,
and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 372.
Manufactured and warranted by
Water Channel Partners
1890 Woodlane Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125
7385281 (Rev. C 2/3/21)


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Summary of Contents for Whirlpool WHES18

  • Page 1 CLICK ANYWHERE on THIS PAGE to RETURN to WHIRLPOOL WATER SOFTENERS & CONDITIONERS at ® Model WHES18 How to install, operate and maintain your Demand Controlled Water Softener PRODUCT REGISTRATION AND WARRANTY EXTENSION Please register your product on See warranty page for extended warranty details.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Specifications & Performance Claims ............3 Water Softener Safety .
  • Page 3: Specifications & Performance Claims

    Operational efficiency is the actual efficiency after the system has been installed. It is typically less than the rated efficiency, due to individual application factors including water hardness, water usage, and other contaminants that reduce a softener's capacity. Model WHES18 Model Code LE18 7,600 @ 1.8 lbs.
  • Page 4: Water Softener Safety

    Water Softener Safety Your safety and the safety of others are very important. We have provided many safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word “DANGER”...
  • Page 5: Inspect Shipment

    Inspect Shipment The parts required to assemble and install the water Remove and discard (or recycle) all packing materials. softener are included with the unit. Thoroughly check To avoid the loss of small parts, we suggest you keep the water softener for possible shipping damage and the small parts in the parts bag until you are ready to parts loss.
  • Page 6: Installation Requirements

    Installation Requirements LOCATION REQUIREMENTS PLUMBING CODES Consider all of the following when selecting an All plumbing must be completed in accordance with installation location for the water softener. national, state, and local plumbing codes. = Do not locate the water softener where freezing In the state of Massachusetts: The Commonwealth temperatures occur.
  • Page 7 Installation Requirements VALVE DRAIN REQUIREMENTS 1/4" NPT Thread Barbs for 3/8" Using the flexible drain hose (included), measure and I.D. Tubing cut to the length needed. Flexible drain hose is not Hose Clamp allowed in all localities (check your plumbing codes). If local codes do not allow the use of a flexible drain Drain Hose hose, a rigid valve drain run must be used.
  • Page 8: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions TYPICAL INSTALLATION To Outside Conditioned Clips Faucets Water Hard Water Pipes Water Softener Plug-in Valve NOTE: Water Softener Power shown with Outlet Supply 1" NPT Sweat Salt Lid and Top Adaptors (not Cover removed included) Controller Valve Drain Overflow Elbow Drain Elbow...
  • Page 9 Installation Instructions Brinewell Cover Nozzle Brine Tank Venturi Overflow Assembly Elbow Nut - Ferrule Electrical Shock Hazard Prior to installation on metallic plumbing, securely install two grounding clamps and a Brine #4 copper wire per installation instructions. Tubing Brine Tank Overflow Failure to follow these instructions can result Grommet...
  • Page 10 Installation Instructions COMPLETE INLET AND OUTLET PLUMBING TEST FOR LEAKS To prevent air pressure in the water softener and Measure, cut, and loosely assemble pipe and fittings plumbing system, complete the following steps in from the main water pipe to the inlet and outlet ports of order: the water softener valve.
  • Page 11 Installation Instructions ADD WATER AND SALT TO THE SALT SANITIZE THE WATER SOFTENER / STORAGE TANK SANITIZE AFTER SERVICE 1. Open salt lid, remove the brinewell cover and pour about 3 oz. (6 tablespoons) of household bleach into the softener brinewell. Replace the brinewell Excessive Weight Hazard cover.
  • Page 12: Programming The Water Softener

    DOWN buttons to set the present time. Up moves the display ahead; down sets the time back. Be sure AM or PM is correct. FIG. 16 This is a reminder to use Whirlpool WHE-WSC ® Water Softener Cleanser three times a year. To reset FIG.
  • Page 13: Customizing Features / Options

    Programming the Customizing Water Softener Features / Options RECHARGE NOW NOTE: If your water supply contains iron, compensate for it by adding to the water hardness number. The RECHARGE button is used to initiate an For example, assume your water is 20 gpg immediate recharge.
  • Page 14 Customizing Features / Options SALT EFFICIENCY MAXIMUM DAYS BETWEEN REGENERA- TIONS When this feature is ON, the water softener will operate at salt efficiencies of 4000 grains of hardness The water softener automatically controls regeneration per pound of salt or higher (May recharge more often frequency.
  • Page 15: Routine Maintenance

    Lift the brinewell cover and pour in the entire 16 oz. regenerate. When electrical power is restored, the bottle of Whirlpool Water Softener Cleanser. Press ® following will occur: the RECHARGE button and hold for three seconds, Reset the present time only if the display is flashing.
  • Page 16 Routine Maintenance ADDING SALT CLEANING THE NOZZLE & VENTURI Lift the salt lid and check the salt storage level A clean nozzle & venturi (See Figure 28) is a necessity frequently. If the water softener uses all the salt for the water softener to work properly. This small before you refill it, you will experience hard water.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC DIAGNOSTICS 3. The letter “P” and a dash (or dashes) indicate POSITION switch operation (See Figure 30). If the This water softener has a self-diagnostic function for letter appears, the switch is closed. If the dash the electrical system (except input power and/or water shows, the switch is open.
  • Page 18 Troubleshooting RESETTING TO FACTORY DEFAULTS 2. After observing fill, press the RECHARGE button to move the softener’s valve into the brine position. A To reset the electronic controller to its factory default slow flow of water to the drain will begin. Verify for all settings (time, hardness, etc.): brine draw from the brine tank by shining a flashlight into the brinewell and observing a...
  • Page 19 Notes...
  • Page 20: Exploded View & Parts List

    Water Softener Exploded View Valve Assembly See Pages 22 & 23 for parts...
  • Page 21 Water Softener Parts List Part No. Description Part No. Description Tank Neck Clamp Kit 7269914 Salt Lid – 7331177 (includes Key Nos. 1 & 2) 7294707 Top Cover (order decal below) Clamp Section (2 req.) 7385265 Instruction Decal Retainer, Clamp (2 req.) 7351054 Power Supply, 24V DC Distributor O-Ring Kit...
  • Page 22 Valve Exploded View Wear Strip Seal Cross-section View...
  • Page 23 Valve Parts List Part No. Description Part No. Description Motor, Cam & Gear Kit, 3/4" Bypass Valve Assembly, 3/4", in - – 7384683 7370286 (includes Key Nos. 50-52) cluding 2 O-Rings (See Key No. 72) Motor 7337571 O-Ring, 15/16" x 1-3/16", pack of 4 Turbine &...
  • Page 24: Warranty

    ® The factory warranty for your water softener is shown below. The one year full warranty period on parts and labor can be extended to five (5) years from the date of purchase if you use Whirlpool WHE-WSC Water Softener ®...

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