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Anti-Shock Protection
This function minimizes sound interruption caused by vibrations,
by utilizing audio data that has been stored in the memory ahead
of the following time:
For Audio CD: Up to 45 seconds worth (Anti-Shock Protection
on/off selectable)
For MP3:
Up to 140 seconds worth at 128 kbps (Anti-Shock
Protection is fixed to on.)
Normally, "ASP" and the A.S.P. progress meters are displayed
and the Anti-Shock Protection is in effect.
A.S.P indicator
When the disc is played, as the audio data gradually stored in the
memory, the A.S.P. progress meter progresses.
To cancel the Anti-Shock Protection (Audio CD only)
Press the A.S.P./T.SEARCH button in stop mode or during playback.
"ASP OFF" appears on the display.
To activate the Anti-Shock Protection again
(Audio CD only)
To activate the Anti-Shock Protection again, press the A.S.P./
T.SEARCH button once more.
• The Anti-Shock Protection can be enabled or disabled during
play, and this may cause a slight interruption in the sound be-
cause the disc's rotational speed changes.
• Turning off the Anti-Shock Protection will save battery life
more or less.

Using the Remote Control

Release the remote control from the hold mode.

How to use the remote control

To start play
To stop play
To turn off the unit
Fast forward/reverse
To adjust the volume
Preventing Accidental Operation (HOLD)
[Fully stored]
Press once during off or stop mode.
Press once during play.
Press during stop mode.
Skip function
Press during play.
Search function
Keep depressed during play.
When adjusting the volume using the remote control, set
the volume control on the unit to an appropriate position.
Hold mode
Hold mode
Using with an audio system
You can use an audio system by connecting it to the unit with a stereo connection cable (not in-
• Connect the cable to the amplifier after turning off its power.
• Do not connect the cable to the PHONO jacks on the amplifier.
• Obtain the optional connecting cable if the amplifier comes with mini-phone jacks.
• Adjust the volume level on the amplifier.
Right side panel of the unit
• To obtain original sound, turn HBS to OFF. Also, set the sound effect to "FLAT". (See page 7)
The HOLD switch on the unit/remote control is prepared to pre-
vent an accidental operation by an unexpected button press.
Setting the HOLD switch ON prevents the following:
• Powering on the unit accidentally (which can cause the batter-
ies to go dead).
• Play being cut off unexpectedly.
• Unexpected operation during play. (Set the HOLD switch to
the ON position after you start playing disc.)
To set the unit/remote control in HOLD mode
• Set the HOLD switch on the unit/remote control to the ON po-
sition. The all buttons on the unit/remote control are disabled.
"HOLD " indication
When the unit is in HOLD mode, "HOLD" will be displayed if a
button on the unit is pressed.
To release the HOLD mode
Set the HOLD switch to OFF position.
• Before turning on the unit, be sure that HOLD is OFF.
Otherwise, you cannot turn on the unit.
• The HOLD switch on the unit is effective for the unit only.
While, that on the remote control is effective for the remote
control only.
Stereo connection cable
(not included)



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