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Jvc xl-pm30sl: instruction manual
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Maintaining the unit
Wipe the unit with a soft cloth. Remove stubborn dirt using a
cloth which has been dipped in water or soapy water and wrung
out, and then wipe dry.
• If you intend to use a chemically treated cleaning cloth, read its
directions first.
• Do not use alcohol or paint thinners.
Maintaining the lens
Open the lid and clean the lens as shown in the figure.
Use a cotton swab to gently wipe off any finger-prints.
Recommended product: Lens cleaner kit
Air blower for
camera lens

Location of Controls

Left side panel of the unit


Before requesting service for this unit, check the chart below for a possible cause of the problem you are experiencing. Some simple
checks or a minor adjustment on your part may eliminate the problem and restore proper operation.
If you are in doubt about some of the check points, or if the remedies indicated in the chart do not solve the problem, refer to the
directory of Authorized Service Centers (enclosed with this unit) to locate a convenient service center, or consult your dealer for in-
• Are the batteries charged?
Does not turn on.
• Is the AC adaptor securely connected?
• Is the HOLD switch set to OFF position?
Cannot close lid.
Is the disc properly secured in place?
• Is the disc properly secured in place?
Cannot play discs.
• Is there moisture condensation on the lens?
(Wait for about an hour and then try again.)
• Are MP3/WMA files recorded on the disc?
• Do MP3 files have the extension code—.mp3?
• Do WMA files have the extension code—.wma?
• Are MP3/WMA files recorded in the format compliant with ISO 9660?
• Is the headphone correctly connected?
Cannot hear music
• Is the plug dirty? (Wipe away dirt on the plug.)
—too noisy.
• Are you playing a compatible disc? While playing a non-MP3/WMA file, you will hear a noise.
(Note it may not be an MP3/WMA file although it has the extension code—.mp3/.wma.)
Are you using the unit too near a TV or tuner? (If the TV or tuner is connected to a simple
TV picture is distorted.
indoor antenna, connect it to an outdoor antenna.)
Radio reception is noisy.
Portable CD player
A Stop / power off button (7)
B Skip / search buttons (4, ¢)
C Play / pause button (3/8)
D Display
E MODE button
F A.S.P. (Anti-Shock Protection) /
T.SEARCH (Title Search) button
G PROGRAM button
H SOUND button
In addition to sound effect selec-
tion, you can turn on/off HBS(hyper-
bass sound).
I GROUP button
K Headphones jack ( )
L Headphones volume control
M DC in jack (DC IN 4.5 V
N Lid open switch (OPEN 3)
O HOLD switch
P RESUME switch
1 Repeat indicator (See page 7)
2 MP3 indicator
Lights when a MP3 disc is used.
3 WMA indicator
Lights when a WMA disc is used.
4 INTRO indicator (See page 7)
5 RAND (Random) indicator (See page 7)
6 PROG (Program) indicator (See page 7)
7 Battery indicator (See page 4)
Check this
Remote control
A Skip / search buttons (+, –)
B HOLD switch (HOLD)
C Stop / off button (7)
D Play/pause button (38)
E Plug
F Volume control
Stereo backband



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