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JVC GR-FX10EA Instructions Manual Page 56

Compact vhs camcorder.
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3. DO NOT leave the unit . . .
... in places of over 50°C.
... in places where humidity is extremely low.
(below 35%) or extremely high (above 80%).
... in direct sunlight.
... in a closed car in summer.
... near a heater.
4. To protect the unit, DO NOT . . .
... allow it to become wet.
... drop the unit or strike it against hard objects.
... subject it to shock or excessive vibration during
... keep the lens directed at extremely bright
objects for long periods.
... direct the eyepiece of the viewfinder at the sun.
... carry it by holding the viewfinder. Be sure to
hold the main unit with both hands or use the
... swing it excessively when using the shoulder
About moisture condensation . . .
You may have observed that pouring a cold
liquid into a glass will cause drops of water to
form on the glass' outer surface. This same
phenomenon occurs on the head drum of a
camcorder when it is moved from a cool place
to a warm place, after heating a cold room,
under extremely humid conditions or in a
place directly subjected to the cool air from an
air conditioner.
Moisture on the head drum can cause severe
damage to the video tape, and can lead to
internal damage to the camcorder itself.
Serious malfunctioning
If malfunctioning occurs, stop using the unit
immediately and consult your local JVC dealer.
Special Notes On Video Heads
Dust and dirt on video heads
1. Always allow enough time for your camcorder to
acclimatize to its environment before using it.
2. Do not use the unit in areas of high humidity.
(Typical areas of high humidity are given below.)
• From being used or stored in a very cold outdoor
situation, then immediately being used in a warm
indoor situation.
• From being used or stored in a cool air-conditioned
situation, then being used in a high-humidity
outdoor situation.
• Other areas where rapid large temperature changes
can occur.
3. Taking care of your "C" format video cassette tapes.
• Store the video cassette tapes in a vertical position,
complete in their cassette cases.
• During transportation, always store cassettes in
their cassette cases.
4. Check recorded information at regular intervals. If
the camcorder is equipped with a quick review
facility, use this facility to check whether the picture
is clear or not.
If the quick review or playback picture is not clear,
then the video heads may be dirty.
As a maladjusted tracking control can give similar
symptoms to dirty video heads, please check that the
tracking control of the unit is in the centre position.
Cleaning the video heads
Accumulation of dirt and other particles on the video
heads may cause the playback picture to become
blurred or interrupted. Although this camcorder is
equipped with a built-in head cleaner which
automatically cleans the heads, reducing the likelihood
of dirty heads, if such troubles are encountered, we
recommend the use of the cleaning cassette specifically
designed for JVC camcorders, model number TCC-2U.
Please use the cleaning cassette as indicated below:
After inserting the cleaning cassette, activate the
Play mode for a maximum of 15 seconds (normally,
5 seconds is sufficient).
Remove the cleaning cassette and check the
playback picture with a previously good-recorded
If the picture is clear, then recording on a new tape
can begin when desired.
If the picture is not clear, repeat steps 1 to 3 up to
two more times.
If the picture is still unclear, consult your local JVC
Important Note:
If heads have become dirty, the associated tape will
also be damaged, please do not use the tape again.
• A built-in head cleaner automatically cleans the video
heads and head drum whenever a cassette is loaded
and unloaded to reduce head clogging.
• Cleaning cassette TCC-2U is available from your JVC
local dealer.


Table of Contents

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