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Cautions; Main Unit - JVC GR-FX10EA Instructions Manual

Compact vhs camcorder.
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General Battery Precautions
• When the C-P6U or C-P7U (cassette adapter) is not
functioning even when correctly operated, the
battery is exhausted. Replace it with a fresh one.
• Use only the following battery:
C-P6U or C-P7U ..................... R6 (AA) size
Please make note of the following rules for battery
use. When misused, battery can leak or explode.
1. Refer to the C-P6U/C-P7U instructions when
replacing the battery.
2. Do not expose the battery to excessive heat as it
can leak or explode.
3. Do not dispose of battery in a fire.
4. Remove battery from the unit if it is to be stored for
an extended period to avoid battery leakage which
can cause malfunctions.
Battery Packs
The battery packs are nickel-cadmium
or nickel metal-hydride batteries.
Before using the supplied battery pack
or an optional battery pack, be sure to
read the following cautions:
1. To avoid hazard . . .
... do not burn.
... do not short-circuit the terminals.
... do not modify or disassemble.
... use only specified chargers.
2. To prevent damage and prolong service life . . .
... do not subject to unnecessary shock.
... avoid repeated charging without fully discharging.
... charge in an environment where temperatures
are within the tolerances shown in the chart
below. This is a chemical reaction type
battery—cooler temperatures impede chemical
reaction, while warmer temperatures can
prevent complete charging.
... store in a cool, dry place. Extended exposure to
high temperatures will increase natural
discharge and shorten service life.
... avoid prolonged uncharged storage.
... remove from charger or powered unit when not
in use, as some machines use current even
when switched off.
It is normal for the battery pack to be warm after
charging, or after use.
Temperature Range Specifications
Charging .............. 10°C to 35°C
Operation ............ 0°C to 40°C
Storage ................ –10°C to 30°C
Recharging time is based on room temperature of
20°C (68°F).
The lower the temperature, the longer recharging
To properly use and store your cassettes, be sure to
read the following cautions:
1. During use . . .
... make sure the cassette bears the VHS-C mark.
... be aware that recording onto prerecorded tapes
automatically erases the previously recorded
video and audio signals.
... make sure the cassette is positioned properly
when inserting.
... do not load and unload the cassette repeatedly
without allowing the tape to run at all. This
slackens the tape and can result in damage.
... do not open the front tape cover. This exposes
the tape to fingerprints and dust.
2. Store cassettes . . .
... away from heaters or other heat sources.
... out of direct sunlight.
... where they won't be subject to unnecessary
shock or vibration.
... where they won't be exposed to strong
magnetic fields (such as those generated by
motors, transformers or magnets).
... vertically, in their original cases.

Main Unit

1. For safety, DO NOT . . .
... open the camcorder's chassis.
... disassemble or modify the unit.
... short-circuit the terminals of the battery pack.
Keep it away from metallic objects when not in
... allow inflammables, water or metallic objects
to enter the unit.
... remove the battery pack or disconnect the
power supply while the power is on.
... leave the battery pack attached when the
camcorder is not in use.
2. Avoid using the unit . . .
... in places subject to excessive humidity or dust.
... in places subject to soot or steam such as near a
cooking stove.
... in places subject to excessive shock or
... near a television set.
... near appliances generating strong magnetic or
electric fields (speakers, broadcasting antennas,
... in places subject to extremely high (over 40°C)
or extremely low (under 0°C) temperatures.


Table of Contents

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