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Disposal After Washing - Haier XPB50-23BS User Manual

Twin-tub washing machine
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Disposal after washing

After using, please clean the lint and foreign materials of the lint filter and overflow filter
in time. Otherwise it may influence your using the machine.
Please first pull off the power plug from the receptacle before cleaning.
Cleaning the lint filter
The lint filter must be used during washing.
It must be cleaned in time after each using.
1. Take off the lint filter
Put hand at the indicated position.
Push down to take it off. ( See to
Figure 1)
2. Clean the lint
Put it in water and clean while it is
still wet.(See to Figure 2)
3. Install the lint filter
After cleaning, insert the bottom
of the lint filter ( marked with
"DOWN SIDE") into the overflow filter ,
then push the upper part of the
filter in ( marked with " UP SIDE ").
(See to Figure 3)
Cleaning the overflow filter
Too much lint on the overflow filter will influence
the normal usage of the machine. Please
clean it every two months.
1 Take off the overflow filter.
As indicated in the figure, nip the elastic fixing
claw and pull it to the direction of the arrow to
take it off.
Using process
Using process
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Elastic fixing



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