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Operation; Cabinet Operation - Haier HB80 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Single door vertical cooler


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2.1 Cabinet Operation

Connect the cooler to the mains power supply and check operation
of the refrigeration unit and cabinet interior light. After moving the
cooler, allow the cabinet to stand for at least 30 minutes before
connecting to the power supply.
If the cooler has been disconnected from the power supply for any
reason, allow about 10 minutes before switching it back on. This
allows the refrigeration system pressure to equalise before the
system is restarted.
Refrigeration Unit
The evaporator fan (inside the cabinet) should operate continuously
from the time the cabinet is plugged in. This may be verified by
checking air movement inside the cabinet. The thermostat will click
when it cycles on and off.
Cabinet Light
The cabinet interior light is controlled by the light switch beside the
thermostat knob inside the cabinet. The fluorescent lamp will require
a period of time to stabilise following initial start up. See page 10 for
instructions on replacing the fluorescent lamp.
Single Door Vertical Cooler


Table of Contents

Table of Contents