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Cleaning; Advanced Servicing - Haier HB80 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Single door vertical cooler


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3.2 Cleaning

Disconnect the cabinet from the mains power supply before
• When necessary, wipe both the interior and exterior of the
cabinet with a damp cloth.
• Do NOT use abrasive or corrosive cleaners or boiling water to
clean the cabinet.
• Do NOT flush the cabinet with water.
• Clean the door gasket once every three months.
• The condenser coil on the rear of the cooler should be lightly
brushed to remove any dust build up.
Important Note:
Many commercially available cleaning products contain solvents
that may attack the plastic components of this product and cause
them to crack. It is important to use only warm water and a small
amount of detergent when cleaning this cooler.

3.3 Advanced Servicing

Advanced servicing should be carried out by an authorised service
agent. Detailed service and spares information is available in the
HB80 Operating and Service Manual (P/No. MAN6820).
Single Door Vertical Cooler


Table of Contents

Table of Contents