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Positioning The Cabinet - Haier HB80 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Single door vertical cooler


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1.3 Positioning the Cabinet

Power Supply
This cooler is rated 220-240 V a.c. and will draw a maximum of 1.1
Amps. Do not overload the power supply. The 3-core mains flex,
which exits behind the refrigeration unit, should be retrieved before
the cabinet is positioned.
When positioning the cabinet, adequate clearance must be
maintained for ventilation. For efficient operation of the cooler, it is
essential that adequate ventilation be provided around the cabinet.
Normal maximum operating conditions are 40°C at 40% RH
(Climatic Class 5).
This cooler should not be recessed or enclosed in a cabinet. It is
designed for free-standing installation only. The recommended
clearance on both sides and at the back of the cabinet is 50mm.
When positioning the cabinet:
• Avoid direct sunlight and warm draughts etc.
• Allow adequate space for the door to open fully.
• Ensure the cabinet is positioned on a level surface so the door
shuts and seals correctly, and to prevent the condensate tray
from overflowing.
This cooler has a levelling bolt located underneath the door hinge.
After final positioning, the levelling bolt can be adjusted to stabilise
the cabinet. Turn the levelling bolt clockwise to raise or anti-
clockwise to lower the cabinet.
Single Door Vertical Cooler


Table of Contents

Table of Contents