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Starting Or Getting Another List; Clearing A Sum List And Its Name; Doing Statistical Calculations (calc) - HP 17bll+ User Manual

Financial calculator.
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Starting or GETting Another List

When you press
To start a new list or switch to a different one, the current list must be
named or cleared. If it is named, then:
1. Press
. The GET menu contains a menu label for each named
list plus
2. Press the key for the desired list. (

Clearing a SUM List and Its Name

To clear a list's numbers and name:
1. Display the list you w
removes the numbers.
2. If the list is named, you'll see     Press
to remove the name. Press
empty list.
To remove just one value at a time from a list, use

Doing Statistical Calculations (CALC)

Once you have entered a list of numbers, you can calculate the
following values.
For one variable: the total, mean, median, standard deviation, range,
minimum, and maximum. You can also sort the numbers in order of
increasing value.
For two variables: x-estimates and y-estimates (this is also called
forecasting), the correlation coefficient for different types of curves
(this is curve-fitting), the slope and y-intercept of the line, and
summation statistics. You can also find the weighted mean and the
grouped standard deviation.
, the SUM list that appears is the last one used.
nt to clear, then press
10: Running Total and Statistics 127
brings up a new, empty list.)
to retain the name with an
. This


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