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Hp rp5000: warranty
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HP Hardware
This Hardware Limited Warranty applies only to the HP-branded and Compaq-branded
hardware (collectively referred to in this Hardware Limited Warranty as "HP Hardware")
sold by or leased from Hewlett-Packard Company, its worldwide subsidiaries, affiliates,
authorized resellers, or country distributors (collectively referred to in this Hardware
Limited Warranty as "HP") with this Hardware Limited Warranty. The term "HP Hardware"
is limited to the hardware components and required firmware. The term "HP Hardware"
DOES NOT include any software applications or programs.
HP does NOT provide support for this product configured as a network server.
Unless otherwise stated, and to the extent permitted by local law, hardware products may be
manufactured using new materials or new and used materials equivalent to new in
performance and reliability. HP may repair or replace HP hardware products (i) with
equivalent products to the products being repaired or replaced but which may have been
subject to prior use, (ii) with products containing remanufactured parts equivalent to new in
performance or parts which may have been used, or (iii) with equivalent products to an
original product that has been discontinued. Replacement parts are warranted to be free from
defects in material or workmanship for thirty (30) days or for the remainder of the Limited
Warranty Period of the HP Hardware in which they are installed, whichever is longer.
Non-HP Hardware
All non-HP hardware products or peripherals external to the central processor unit—such as
external storage subsystems, displays, printers, and other peripherals—are covered by the
applicable vendor warranties for those products. Non-HP hardware products are not
warranted by HP. However, non-HP manufacturers, suppliers, or publishers may provide
their own warranties directly to you.
Proof of Purchase and Limited Warranty Period
HP warrants that the HP Hardware that you have purchased or leased from HP is free from
defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period.
The Limited Warranty Period starts on the date of purchase or lease from HP. Your dated
sales or delivery receipt, showing the date of purchase or lease of the product, is your proof
of the purchase or lease date. You may be required to provide proof of purchase or lease as a
condition of receiving warranty service. You are entitled to warranty service according to the
terms and conditions of this document if a repair to your HP Hardware is required within the
Limited Warranty Period.
HP does not warrant that the operation of this hardware product will be uninterrupted or
error-free. HP is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow
the instructions that came with the HP Hardware. This Hardware Limited Warranty does not
extend to any product from which the serial number has been removed or that has been
damaged or rendered defective (a) as a result of accident, misuse, abuse, contamination,
improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration or other external causes; (b) by operation
outside the published operating specifications for the product; (c) by software, interfacing,
parts or supplies not supplied by HP; (d) improper site preparation or maintenance; (e) virus
infection; (f) loss or damage in transit; or (g) by modification or service by anyone other
than (i) HP, (ii) an HP authorized service provider, or (iii) your own installation of end-user
replaceable HP or HP approved parts if available for your product in the servicing country.
This Hardware Limited Warranty does not apply to consumable parts.



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