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HP Designjet 700 Quick Reference Manual

Hp designjet 700: reference guide.
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HP DesignJet 700 and
HP DesignJet 750C Plus Plotters
Quick Reference Guide


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    HP DesignJet 700 and HP DesignJet 750C Plus Plotters Quick Reference Guide...

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    About This Edition Edition dates are as follows: First edition, September 1996 New editions are complete revisions of the document. Change sheets, which may be issued between editions, contain additional information. The dates on the title page change only when a new edition is published. Minor corrections that do not affect the function of the product may be made at reprint without a change to the print...

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    C4705‘–90041 English HP DesignJet 700 and HP DesignJet 750C Plus Plotters C4507A, C4706A, C4708A C4709A...

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    Loading and Unloading Media To Change a Roll of Media Make sure the plotter wheels are locked, by firmly pressing down the brake levers on the wheels. Remove any unused media from the media path as shown on page Remove the old roll by pulling firmly on each end of the spindle. Remove the end–cap (B) from the other end of the old roll.

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    Push the end–cap back in, so that the tabs are flush against the end of the roll. Insert the spindle with media stop (A) to the right and end–cap (B) to the left. Push in firmly on both ends, making sure the media remains flush against media stop (A).

  • Page 7

    To Load Roll Media Hold the media by both edges and align its right edge with the perforated line on the entry platen. Insert the media into the plotter, until it buckles slightly. When the plotter begins to pull in the media, let it go. Press next to the front-panel display to indicate you are loading roll media.

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    When the display tells you to, lift the media lever. Take hold of the edges of the media now extending from the exit slot and pull it toward you until taut. Then align its edges with those of the roll. When the display tells you to, lower the media lever.

  • Page 9

    To Unload a Plot on Roll Media When you use roll media, the plotter automatically waits until the required drying time has elapsed before cutting the media and dropping the plot into the media bin. If you wish to adjust the drying times, refer to the User’s Guide.

  • Page 10

    To Load a Sheet You can load a sheet in either portrait or landscape orientation: Note: If you are using the will influence the orientation of your print. The plotter prints on the underside of the sheet. If the two sides of your media are different, make sure the printing side is underneath (see page 9).

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    Matte film Clear film High-gloss photo paper* Semi-gloss photo paper* High-gloss film* *These media types are not supported by the HP DesignJet 700 plotters C4705A and C4706A. key. Enter Media-Loading Tips Both sides are the same. If the sheet is curled, load with the convex (hollow) side toward you.

  • Page 12

    Matte film Clear film High-gloss photo* Semi-gloss photo* High-gloss film* *These media are not supported by the HP DesignJet plotters C4705A and C4706A. Once the drying time is over, gently pull the sheet out of the plotter. Print Quality Fast...

  • Page 13

    To Remove an Unused Sheet Either ... Press Form Feed and Cut. When the plotter has finished feeding out the sheet, pull it out. or ... Lift the media lever. Pull out the sheet. Lower the media lever. Form Feed and Cut 1842a 1842b...

  • Page 14: Supported Media Types

    Semi-gloss photo paper photo Semi-gloss paper High-gloss* High-gloss white film film *These media are not supported by the HP DesignJet 700 plotters, C4705A and C4706A. Available from HP Media Type HP Opaque Bond HP Translucent Bond Low HP Natural Tracing...

  • Page 15

    Typical Application and Choice of Print Quality for Media T Color CAD and GIS CAD only CAD and HP media HP media only Draft only, For durability, Color accuracy not guaranteed for this media type * Not supported by the H...

  • Page 16: Clearing A Media Jam

    Clearing a Media Jam Switch OFF the plotter, open the window and raise the media lever. Don’t touch the stainless steel strip behind the W A R N I N G cartridge carriage; it is very sharp. Keep hair, jewelry, clothing, and foreign objects away from plotter mechanisms.

  • Page 17

    (see the table on page 13) drying time—decreasing it may reduce print quality in the case of the HP DesignJet 750C Plus only, whether is active or not. The use of the feature usually improves plot quality, as shown in the table on the next page.

  • Page 18: Print Resolution

    Setting Monochrome Fast Normal Best With HP RTL and PostScript, if installed, color resolution is always 300 x 300. Addressable 600 dpi using HP–GL/2 plots on opaque bond, coated paper and matte film only. Resolution in Dpi DesignJet 750C Plus...

  • Page 19: Managing Your Plots

    Managing Your Plots To Use the Queue to Manage Your Plots When the option in the front-panel menus is set Queue the plotter stores your plots by page. One plot file may contain several pages. With queueing turned ON, you can send plots to the plotter while the current page is still printing and use the nesting feature, if required.

  • Page 20: To Cancel A Plot

    If queueing is on and there is space in the queue, the cancelled plot is placed in the queue. To Replot or Delete a Plot In the case of the HP DesignJet 700 only, press You can also replot a page in the queue (including a cancelled plot) by using the front-panel...

  • Page 21: Replacing Cartridges

    Press down lightly on the cartridge and pull it toward you. Lift it out of its stall. Discard it, if it is not required. Black DesignJet 700 A dot above the stall indicates the color of the cartridge. Service cartridges key.

  • Page 22

    If the cartridge is new, remove the protective tape and tab from its nozzles. Press the cartridge lightly down into the stall and away from you until it snaps into place. DesignJet 700 r004 If the front panel displays and installing the cartridge until the message disappears.

  • Page 23: The Front Panel

    The Front Panel To Use the Front-Panel Display Keys The front-panel display is used to show the front-panel menus and messages. For explanations of the messages, see the User’s Guide. Interaction with the display, for instance to obtain the front-panel menus, is via the display keys.

  • Page 24

    Max X=, Max Y=, Code rev=, RAM present=, Media=, ROM SIMM installed= Ê 1 ...99 Ê Width=, Length= 1 min, 2 min , ...99 min Not on DesignJet 700 Key: represents pressing ENTER Defaults are indicated by Yellow Shading = Short menu...

  • Page 25

    38400, 19200 4800, 2400, 1 Baudrate= None , Even Parity= Key: represents pressing ENTE Defaults are indicated by Yellow Shading = Short menu Not on DesignJet 700 100% , 129%, 141%, 200%, 210%, 258 352%, 400%, 419% Normal , Special...

  • Page 26

    0.50, 0.65, 0. 0 50 0 65 0 0.90, 1.0, 1.4 0.90, 1.0, 1.4 Width= 5.0, 8.0, 12.0 0...255 Color= 0, 10, 20,..., 1 Shade= Notes: On DesignJet 750C Plus On DesignJet 700 Key: represents pressing ENTE Defaults are indicated by...

  • Page 27

    Where to Find Out More The following table will assist you in finding further information on the topics covered in this Quick Reference Guide and on other topics covered elsewhere in your plotter’s documentation. Where to Go to Find Further Information To Find How To ...

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    Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 1996 Manual part number C4705-90041 First edition, September 1996 Printed in Europe Customer re-order number C4705-60021 For trademark information, legal notices, safety notices and warranty information, refer to the User’s Guide, C4705-90031. Hewlett-Packard Company Barcelona Division Avda. Graells, 501 08190 Sant Cugat del Vallès Barcelona, Spain...

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    Customer re-order number: C4705–60021 Manual Part Number: C4705–90041 Edition 1, September 1996 English Printed in Europe This manual has been printed on chlorine-free bleached paper...

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