Frigidaire FGID2468UD Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire FGID2468UD Use & Care Manual


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Important Safety Instructions .....................2
Product Registration ..................................3
Features at a Glance ..................................4
Operating instructions................................5
Preparing and Loading Dishes ....................8 USA 1-800-944-9044
Factors Affecting Performance .................. 13
Care and Cleaning ................................... 14
Before You Call ....................................... 16
Major Appliance Warranty ........................ 19 Canada 1-800-265-8352


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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Product Registration ........3 Factors Affecting Performance ....13 Features at a Glance ........4 Care and Cleaning ........14 Operating instructions........5 Before You Call ........16 Preparing and Loading Dishes ....8 Major Appliance Warranty ......19 USA 1-800-944-9044 Canada 1-800-265-8352...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Do not tamper with controls. WARNING • Do not touch the heating element during or immediately after lease read all instructions before using this • Use care unloading the dishwasher when dishwasher. the SANITIZE option has been selected. Contents may be hot to the touch For your Safety immediately after the end of cycle.
  • Page 3: Product Registration

    Registering your product with Frigidaire dishwasher to previous models, you may be enhances our ability to serve you. You can surprised at what you DON’T hear. register online at or by dropping your Product Registration Card in the mail. Getting Started 1 Load Dishwasher (See Preparing and ...
  • Page 4: Features At A Glance

    FEATURES AT A GLANCE Your dishwasher cleans by spraying a mixture of hot water and detergent through the spray arms against soiled surfaces. First, the dishwasher fills with water covering the filter area. Water is then pumped through the spray arms. Soil particles go across the filter and down the drain as the water is pumped out.
  • Page 5: Operating Instructions

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Heat Dry/Air Dry Favorite Cycle The FAVORITE CYCLE option allows you to Use of the HEAT DRY option, especially in program your preferred cycle and options into combination with use of rinse agent, will one button. Once Programmed, simply select enhance drying.
  • Page 6 The console lights provide information about or gives poor performance you can call the the cycle selection and current status. During Frigidaire Customer Care Center at 1-800-944-9044. They will be able to operation, while the door is closed, these lights will remain on. At the completion of provide assistance in troubleshooting the the cycle, the clean light will come on.
  • Page 7 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS The DishSense Technology checks the soil level on your dishes in the POWER PLUS, NORMAL WASH TOP RACK and ENERGY SAVER cycles. In response, automatic cycle adjustments are made to assure the dishware gets clean - with less food the cycle gets shorter. Cycle time will also vary based on the options selected and the incoming water temperature.
  • Page 8: Preparing And Loading Dishes

    PREPARING AND LOADING DISHES Dish Preparation Long-handled knives and utensils can be placed in top rack. Scrape away large pieces of food, bones, Be sure nothing protrudes through the bottom pits, toothpicks, etc. The continuously filtered wash fluid will remove remaining of the rack to block rotation of middle spray arm.
  • Page 9 PREPARING AND LOADING DISHES Upper Rack Bowl Tines The UPPER RACK cycle directs cleaning only The bowl times offer the ultimate in flexibility. to items in the upper rack and can be used to When closed, load with saucers or small wash a wide assortment of items.
  • Page 10 PREPARING AND LOADING DISHES Loading the Bottom Rack Fold-down Tines The fold-down tines in the lower rack make Features and appearance of racks and silverware basket as shown may vary easy loading for those extra large and hard-to- fit items. The tines may be left up for normal from your model.
  • Page 11 PREPARING AND LOADING DISHES Loading the Silverware Basket CAUTION Load sharp items (knives, skewers, etc.) pointing down. Failure to do so may result in injury. Adding a Dish Features and appearance of racks and silverware basket as shown may vary To add or remove items after wash cycle from your model.
  • Page 12: Dishwasher Dispenser And Detergents

    DISHWASHER DISPENSER AND DETERGENTS Filing the Detergent Dispenser How much Detergent to use The amount of detergent to use depends The detergent dispenser has two detergent on the water hardness. Water hardness is cups. The smaller one is for addition to the measured in grains per gallon.
  • Page 13: Factors Affecting Performance

    FACTORS AFFECTING PERFORMANCE Rinse Aid Water Pressure Rinse aid greatly improves drying and The hot water line to dishwasher must provide reduces water spots. With it water “sheets” water pressure between 20 and 120 psi. off dishes rather than forming water droplets Low Water pressure may occur when laundry that cling and leave spots.
  • Page 14: Care And Cleaning

    CARE AND CLEANING Spray Arm varies WARNING by model Burn Hazard Allow heating element to cool before cleaning the interior. Failure to do so can result in burns. Glass Trap Outer Door - Clean outer door with warm soapy water and a dishcloth or sponge. Rinse with clean water and a dry cloth.
  • Page 15 CARE AND CLEANING Care of Drain Air Gap Winterizing If a drain air gap was installed for your built-in A dishwasher left in an unheated place should dishwasher, check to make sure it is clean so be protected from freezing. Have a qualified the dishwasher will drain properly.
  • Page 16: Before You Call

    BEFORE YOU CALL • Containers, bowls, pots/pans, and any Before calling for service, review this dishware with concave surfaces that list. It may save you both time and can collect water should be placed in expense. This list includes common the rack facing or angled down so that experiences that are not the result of water is able to drain even from the...
  • Page 17 BEFORE YOU CALL Etching Vapor at Vent • Using too much detergent especially • Spilled rinse aid can cause foam and in soft or softened water causes lead to overflowing. Wipe up any spills damage that looks like a film but with a damp cloth.
  • Page 18 BEFORE YOU CALL Dishwasher Won’t Run Stains on Tub Interior • Check to see if circuit breaker is tripped • Washing large amounts of dishware with or if a fuse is blown. tomato based soil can cause a pink/ • Make sure water supply is turned on.
  • Page 19: Major Appliance Warranty

    Electrolux or an authorized service company. Product features or specifications as described or illustrated are subject to change without notice. Canada 1.800.374.4432 1.800.265.8352 Frigidaire Electrolux Canada Corp. 10200 David Taylor Drive 5855 Terry Fox Way Charlotte, NC 28262...

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