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Important Safety Information; Installation - Electrolux EKG5302X User Manual

Freestanding cooker


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This manual is prepared for more than one model. Your appliance may not have some of
the features outlined in this manual. Please read this manual carefully and pay attention to
the figures and information that relates to your model.


This instruction book should be kept safely for the future consultation. If the
appliance will be sold or given to another person, please ensure that the booklet goes
together with it, so that the new owner can refer to this for appliance functions and
necessary precautions.
NOTE – Product warnings have been given for the safety of you and other users. We
therefore ask you to read carefully the procedures of installing and using this cooker.


The work on installation must be carried out by competent and qualified
installers according to the local regulation in force.
Any modification to the domestic electrical main which may be necessary for the
installation of the appliance should be carried out only by a qualified technician.
It is dangerous to modify the characteristics of this appliance.
Avoid installation of the cooker near flammable material ( e.g. curtains, tea
towels, etc. )
If installing the cooker with a cooker hood, ensure there is a minimum of 65cm
to the underside of the hood ...see Figure 1


Table of Contents

Table of Contents