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Tips For Oven Cooking - Electrolux EKG5302X User Manual

Freestanding cooker


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When you use the turnspit, you need to screw out the forks of the rotisserie spit,
and take out the insulating handle. Then put the food on the forked branch and
use the forks to clamp the food. After using the turnspit, please clean with
detergent and dry with a cloth.
When carrying turnspit with food on it, please hold the turnspit with two hands,
one at each side.
Turnspit can hold the weight up to 2.5kg of food.


For baking cakes:
Pre-heat the oven for at least 10minutes before use.
Do not open the oven door when baking. The jet of cold air will block the raising
process of some cakes, pastries and soufflés.
To check if your cake is baked, insert a toothpick into the mixture; if it comes out
clean, the cake is ready. Wait until at least 3/4 of the cooking time has passed
before doing this check.
As a general rule remember that:
A dish which is well - cooked on the outside but not sufficiently cooked inside would
have required a lower temperature and longer cooking time.
On the contrary, a "dry" texture would have required a shorter time and higher cooking
For cooking meat:
Meat to be cooked in the oven should weigh at least 1 kilogram to avoid
becoming too dry. If you want to roast with a good colour, use very little oil.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents