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setting oven controls

setting minute timer

The timer on . oFF pad controls the Minute Timer feature.
The Minute Timer serves as an extra timer in the kitchen
that will beep when the set time has run out. It does not
start or stop cooking. The Minute Timer feature can be
used during any of the other oven control functions. Refer
to "Minimum and Maximum Control Pad Settings" for time
amount settings.
to set the minute timer (example for 5 minutes)
1. Press timer on . oFF. "-- --" will appear and "timer"
will flash in the display.
2. Press the number pads to set the desired time in the
3. Press start. The time will begin to count down with
"5:00" and "timer" will stay in the display.
Note: If start is not pressed the timer will return to the
time of day after 25 seconds.
4. When the set time has run out, "end" and "timer" will
show in the display. The clock will sound with 3 beeps
every 5 seconds until timer on . oFF is pressed.
to cancel the minute timer before the set time has
run out
1. Press timer on . oFF. The display will return to the time
of day.
setting add 1 minute Feature (some
The add 1 minute pad is used to set the Add 1 Minute
feature. When the add 1 minute pad is pressed, 1
minute is added to the Minute Timer feature if this feature
is already active. If the Minute Timer feature is not active
and the add 1 minute pad is pressed, the Minute Timer
feature will become active and will begin counting down
from 1 minute.

setting lockout Feature

pad controls the Lockout feature. The Lockout feature
automatically locks the cooktop controls, the oven door and
prevents the oven from being turned on. It does not disable
the clock, Minute Timer or the interior oven lights.
To activate the Oven Lockout feature
1. Press and hold
for 3 seconds.
2. After 3 seconds "door loc" will appear in the oven
control display, a beep will sound and "door" and
will flash in the display. Once the oven door is locked
the "door" and
remain on along with the "loc".
To reactivate normal oven operation:
1. Press and hold
for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds "door
oPn" will appear and a beep will sound. The "door"
will flash in the display until the oven door has
completely unlocked
2. The oven is again fully operational.
Models B & C only, during lockout feature surface
elements can not be used (see ESEC Lockout Feature)
indicators will stop flashing and

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents