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Setting Oven Controls - Frigidaire Gallery Premier FGES3075K Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire gallery fges3045k: user guide
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Types of oven racks
Your built-in range may be equipped with one or more of
the oven racks styles shown;
• Flat handle oven rack (All models - Figure 1).
• Offset oven rack (Model A only - Figure 2).
• Flat oven half rack (Models B & C only - Figures 3 & 4).
• Effortless
oven rack (Models B & C only - Figure 5).
Figure 1 - all models
Flat handle oven rack
Figure 3 - Models B & C only
Flat half oven rack - Closed position
Figure 4 - Models B & C only
Flat half oven rack - Open position
Figure 5 - Models B & C only
Figure 2 - model a only
Offset oven rack
oven rack
Always use pot holders or oven mitts when adjusting the
oven racks. Wait until the oven has completely cooled if
possible. Oven racks may be HOT and may cause burns.
The Flat Oven Handle Rack has an handle to facilitate
the sliding of the rack when large amount of foods weight
on it.
The Flat Oven Half Rack has a removable insert that
can provide extra space for larger food items. The right
half rack portion may still be used for other food items
like a casserole dish (See Figure 3 & 4). To remove the
insert, squeeze on the left front insert side (See Figure
6) of the rack and tilt out clockwise. To reinstall, insert
rear hooks at back of insert (See figure 6) and lay insert
down. Make sure both insert front hooks snap into rack
(See figure 7).
The Offset Oven Rack is used to maximize cooking
space (See Figure 2). The offset rack can be used in
the lower rack position to roast large cuts of meat and
do not use cookware that extends beyond the edge
of the Flat Half Rack. For best results, allow 2 inches
between the pan placed on the rack and oven side or
rear walls.
Figure 6
Figure 7

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents