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Safety Information - Black & Decker BSAH1215AC Instruction Manual


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DANGER - Immediate hazards
which WILL result in severe
personal injury or death
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions
• Read this guide before installing and using the appliance.
• All electrical connections, wiring and installation should be performed by
a licensed electrician. Otherwise, it may cause personal injury or damage.
• This appliance is not intended for use by children without responsible adult
supervision. Proper care should be taken to ensure safety.
• Heat pumps, air conditioners & heating equipment should be installed,
started up, and serviced only by qualified installers and service technicians.
Air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration systems are hazardous
due to high voltage electrical components, high refrigerant pressures, and
moving parts.
• Disconnect electrical power to the indoor and outdoor units before
performing any maintenance or cleaning.
• Do not attempt to repair the system yourself. Incorrect repairs may cause
electric shock or fire. Contact a qualified service technician for all service
• Keep combustible materials away from the unit.
• DO NOT share the electrical circuit with other appliances. Improper or
insufficient power supply can cause fire or electrical shock.
• When connecting refrigerant piping, DO NOT let substances or gases
other than the refrigerant enter the unit. The presence of other gases or
substances will lower the unit's capacity, and may cause abnormally high
pressure in the operation cycle. This may cause explosion and injury.
• DO NOT allow children to play with the air conditioner. Children should be
supervised around the unit at all times.
• Installation must be performed according to installation instructions.
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WARNING - Hazards or unsafe
practices which COULD result in
severe personal injury or death
should be followed, including the following:
CAUTION - Hazards or unsafe
practices which COULD result in
minor personal injury


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