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● Keystone Correction and Image Quality
Performing keystone correction causes the image to be compressed before it is projected. This can
result distortion of the image or a loss of image quality. If this happens, change orientation of the
projector and/or screen so it conforms as much as possible to the illustration under "Setting Up the
Projector" on page E-12.
If image quality is the highest priority, turn off auto keystone correction and position the projector so it is
pointed straight at the screen.
Even if your projector is still within the warranty period, you will be charged for repair if a problem is
due to running the projector non-stop for very long periods (like 24 hours) or if the projector was set up
and used without following the "Setup Precautions" on page E-13 of this manual.

Precaution when Handling the Projector after Use

The projector's front intake-exhaust vents and the area around
the vents become very hot during operation, and will still be hot
immediately after turning off the projector. Because of this, you
should hold the sides of the projector as shown in the
illustration whenever moving it.

Stowing the Projector in the Carrying Bag

Make sure the projector is no longer warm before stowing it in the carrying bag.

Cleaning the Projector

Periodically clean the projector exterior, lens, intake vents, and intake-exhaust vents on a regular
Dust and dirt tend to collect around the vents. Because of this, you should use a vacuum cleaner to
clean away accumulated dust and dirt periodically.
Continued use of the projector after dust has accumulated around the vents can cause overheating of
internal components and lead to malfunction.
Operating Precautions


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