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Shark VAC-THEN-STEAM MV2010 Owner's Manual: Maintaining Your Vac-then-steam

Household vacuum cleaner.
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Maintaining Your Vac-Then-Steam™

Unplug and turn OFF "O" the
vacuum. Pull out the dust cup. See
page 7 for instructions.
Lift the filter frame out from the top
of the dust cup. Remove the two
filter layers from the filter frame.
Thoroughly rinse the two filters in
lukewarm water. Squeeze out any
excess water. Air dry for 24 hours
before reusing.
Insert a dry filter set into the filter
frame. The order of the filters
impacts your dust cup performance.
Make sure the thick filter is on the
bottom and the thin filter is on top.
Put the frame with the filter set back
into the top of the dust cup.
TOLL FREE: 1-800-798-7398
MV2010_11_IB_ENG_110103.indd 12
Thin Filter
Thick Filter
SCHEDULE: Using only water,
thoroughly rinse filters every 3
months and dry for 24 hours.
Replace filter set in the Vac-Then-
Steam™ once a year. More regular
filter care or replacement may be
required with excessive use.
Replacement filter sets have
been provided with your
product. Use one of the
replacement filter sets when
another set is drying.
11-01-03 1:26 PM


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Latest comments:
  • Sherry d Oct 29, 2015 09:17:
    While I was using it went off . Tried turning it on, no luck . Put it in another outlet worked a few minutes then light out and won't work! Any ideas would be helpful! Thx
  • Peter Brandt Jul 15, 2015 08:02:
    Tried to download the operating manual but needed to download again a converter by InKeeper. Why so complicate​d? Can't you have a simple pdf version ?
    I bought my Mv2010 at a church fair, it looks hardly ever used but I need to know how.
    This is my second steam mop, one for my city apt and this one for my country house.
    Have you a link to a pdf version w/o other new programs to translate your files ?
    Wo​odstock NY
  • Theresa Tyson Mar 25, 2015 03:13:
    the steam light is on and tank is full but three's no steam.
  • charles wiley Feb 22, 2015 02:31:
    I need a new magnetic steam frame for the shark 2-1 vac then steam model # mv2010wm2 n.

    thank you
  • debbie henson Feb 15, 2015 06:44:
    Steamer not work what can I do