Samsung SF-370 Series User Manual

Sf-370 series inkjet telephone fax.
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SAMSUNG Inkjet Telephone Fax User's Guide
SF-370 series

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    SAMSUNG Inkjet Telephone Fax User’s Guide SF-370 series...

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    Your fax machine should never be placed on, near, or over a radiator, heater, air conditioner, or ventilation duct. Do not allow anything to rest on the power or telephone cords. Do not locate your fax machine where the cables may be damaged by people walking on them. Do not place the machine where the power or telephone cord may be bent.

  • Page 3

    15 Avoid using this fax machine during a lightning storm. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning. If possible, unplug the AC power and telephone for the duration of the lightning storm.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    To redial the last number called ... 2.4 To redial the number in memory ... 2.4 To find a number received via the Caller ID service ... 2.4 Chapter 3: The Fax Machine Sending a fax ... 3.2 Loading documents ... 3.2 Acceptable documents ...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    To erase all recorded messages ... 4.4 Using the answering machine from a remote phone ... 4.5 Accessing the machine ... 4.5 Using remote commands ... 4.5 Chapter 5: Advanced Fax Broadcasting ... 5.2 Delayed fax ... 5.2 Using My Favorites ... 5.3 Saving documents ...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Chapter 8: Care and Maintenance Cleaning the document scanner ... 8.2 Replacing the print cartridge ... 8.3 Cleaning the printhead ... 8.4 Aligning the printhead ... 8.4 Ink level view ... 8.4 Shading adjustment ... 8.4 Self testing ... 8.5 Print cartridge maintenance ...

  • Page 7

    Contact SAMSUNG WORLD WIDE If you have any comments or questions regarding Samsung products, contact the SAMSUNG customer care center. Country Customer Care Center ARGENTINE 0800-333-3733 AUSTRALIA 1300 362 603 AUSTRIA 0800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) BELGIUM 0032 (0)2 201 24 18 BRAZIL...

  • Page 8

    HAPTER ETUP AND OPYING This chapter describes the preliminary setup procedure. A full installation instruction is explained in the separate Quick Install Guide. If you are installing or reinstalling the machine from the beginning, refer to the Quick Install Guide provided with the machine.

  • Page 9: List Of Features

    This machine was designed using the latest technology. It is a full-featured, high-performance machine that not only meets, but also exceeds industry standards. The following is a list of its many exciting features: Common features to SF-370 Series (SF-370/SF-371P/SF-375TP) • Save Ink (See "Copying/receiving in Ink Save mode" on page 1.8.) •...

  • Page 10: Familiarizing Yourself With Your New Machine, Front View, Rear View

    Familiarizing yourself with your new machine Take a moment to familiarise yourself with your new machine by looking at the pictures on the next few pages. Front view Paper Support Paper Guide Handset Rear view AC Power Socket 2. Note that all of illustrations on this User’s Guide are from SF-375TP, so some parts may be different from your machine. USB Connector (SF-371P/SF-375TP) Document Tray...

  • Page 11: Control Panel

    Control Panel Button name Rcv.mode/Darkness Resolution Cartridge Change My Favorites Answer (SF-375TP only) (SF-375TP only) Greeting (SF-375TP only) Play/Record (SF-375TP only) Erase Left/right arrow Menu Back Number keypad Symbols Phone Book Redial/Pause Mute Speaker Phone On Hook Dial Stop/Clear Start Copy Start Fax a.

  • Page 12: Loading Paper, Paper Type And Sizes

    Loading paper To receive faxes or make copies, you should load the paper in the ASF of paper. Before loading the paper, see if the paper size is set correctly in the System Setup. For more information, see "Paper Size" on page 6.10. Put in the Paper Support.

  • Page 13: Making A Copy, Setting Date And Time

    Making a copy If you want to save ink while copying or receiving a fax, see "Copying/receiving in Ink Save mode" on page 1.8. Turn the page face down and insert it into the document feeder. Adjust the document guide to match the width of the document.

  • Page 14: Setting Fax Number/name, How To Enter Letters

    Setting fax number/name If this option is not selectable even though you followed the described steps, you have to consult the service technician or your dealer. This is very useful information for the recipient. It allows them to see who sent a fax and what number they should send a response to.

  • Page 15: Copying/receiving In Ink Save Mode, Adjusting Ring Volume, Adjusting Speaker Volume

    Keypad character assignments Assigned numbers, letters, or characters (Space) 1 A B C 2 D E F 3 G H I 4 J K L 5 Copying/receiving in Ink Save mode Your machine has an Ink Save mode to optimize consumption of ink when copying and receiving a fax. Press Menu Press...

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  • Page 17: Making A Phone Call, Speaker Phone Dialling, Phone Book Dialling

    Making a phone call Your new machine provides many ways for making a phone call. You can use either of following: • On-Hook dialling • Phone book dialling (One-Touch and Speed dial) • redialling • manual dialling via the handset as you do with a regular telephone Speaker Phone dialling You do not need to pick up the handset to make a phone call.

  • Page 18: Editing A Number In The Phonebook, One-touch Dialling, Speed Dialling

    • The display briefly shows the name or number and the number is then automatically dialled. You hear the dialling process through the speaker. • When the remote fax machine answers, the machine scans the document into memory and begins to transmit if a document is loaded in the document feeder.

  • Page 19: Deleting A Number In The Phonebook, Redialling, To Redial The Last Number Called

    Deleting a number in the Phonebook Press Phone Book Press buttons to choose Left/right arrow • The display shows Speed [00-99]>## Enter a two-digit (00 ~ 99) number you want to delete and press • Select ‘ ’ and press when asked Press to exit.

  • Page 20


  • Page 21: Sending A Fax, Loading Documents, Acceptable Documents

    Sending a fax Sending a fax is very simple if you follow the instructions starting from here. They will describe how to load the document, set the resolution/contrast and dial the number. Loading documents Load your document(s) top down in the document tray with the printed side facing away from you. •...

  • Page 22: Setting Document Resolution And Contrast, Sending A Fax Manually, Sending A Fax Automatically

    Turn the page face down and insert it into the document feeder. For more information, see "Loading documents" on page 3.2. Pick up the handset or press Speaker Phone Enter the number of the remote fax machine by using the number keypad. Press when you hear the fax tone. Start Fax Replace the handset.

  • Page 23: Automatic Redial, Receiving A Fax, Reception Modes

    You should lift the handset to answer the call. If you do not pick up the handset on your fax machine, it will switch to the automatic reception mode.

  • Page 24: Receiving In Fax Mode, Receiving In Tel Mode, Receiving In Auto Mode

    Receiving in FAX mode To set the machine to FAX Mode, press • In Standby Mode, FAX appears in the right hand corner of the display. • When you get a call, the machine answers after the second ring, and receives the fax automatically. When reception is complete, the machine returns to Standby Mode.

  • Page 25: Receiving In Drpd Mode

    Receiving in DRPD mode DRPD stands for Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection, which is a telephone company service. It enables a user to use a single telephone line to answer several different telephone numbers. To receive a fax in DRPD mode, you should first set DRPD and activate it.

  • Page 26

    All the instructions in this chapter assume that your fax machine is set to TAM Mode. The SF-375TP uses electronic memory as a recording medium. Recording time is dependent on the content of the message. The total...

  • Page 27: Recording Your Tam Message, Checking Your Tam Message, Monitoring An Incoming Call

    Recording your TAM message The TAM (Telephone Answering Machine) message is an greeting message which plays whenever a call comes in and the machine is in TAM Mode. For more information about reception modes, see "Receiving in TAM mode (SF-375TP only)" on page 3.5. Press and hold until you hear a beep.

  • Page 28: Playing Back Messages, Playing Back Newly Received Caller Messages, Playing Back All Messages

    Playing back messages When there are messages waiting to be heard, the new messages, for example, New: 1 ICM: 3 are three incoming messages recorded in total.) Playing back newly received caller messages Simply press Play/Record • The machine briefly displays recorded time then starts to play the message. This procedure is repeated for all NEW messages.

  • Page 29: Erasing Old Messages You've Heard, To Erase All Recorded Messages

    Erasing old messages you’ve heard The memory of your machine fills up as messages are recorded. Make room for new messages by erasing old messages that you have already listened to. If the memory becomes full while recording, your machine beeps a warning and disconnects the line.

  • Page 30: Using The Answering Machine From A Remote Phone, Accessing The Machine, Using Remote Commands

    Erases all the messages. Plays the next incoming message (ICM) message if you entered the #5 or #2 command. Exits the fax machine from answering mode. This code is used at a phone extension connected to the same line as your fax machine...

  • Page 32

    HAPTER DVANCED In this chapter, you will learn how to use the advanced fax features of your machine. For example, how to send the same documents to many different locations (Broadcasting) or how to set up your machine to send faxes at a preset time (Delayed Fax).

  • Page 33: Broadcasting, Delayed Fax

    Broadcasting With Broadcasting you can programme your machine to automatically scan and send documents to a number of different recipients. The documents are automatically erased from memory when Broadcasting is finished. Turn the document face down and feed it into the machine. Press Menu Press...

  • Page 34: Using My Favorites, Saving Documents, Deleting Stored Documents, Sending Stored Documents, Printing Stored Documents

    Using My Favorites My Favorites enables you to store documents that are frequently faxed and send them to selected fax numbers without the originals. Store a document into memory and give the document an ID name. When you use this feature, set contrast to by pressing PHOTO...

  • Page 35: Polling, Setting Send Polling, Setting Receive Polling, To Cancel The Scheduled Job

    Polling Polling enables you (or a remote fax machine) to retrieve a document. This is useful when a person who has a document to be sent is leaving the office. The person who wants to receive the document at a later time places a call to the machine holding the original, and requests that the document be sent.

  • Page 36: Forwarding A Fax Or Message, Fax Forwarding, Message Forwarding (sf-375tp Only)

    While you are away from your home or office, you do not have to miss important faxes. Your machine can forward any faxes it receives to a fax machine at your new location, and it can print a copy for you to review when you get back as well.

  • Page 37: Received Fax Remote Notifcation (sf-375tp Only)

    Received fax remote notifcation (SF-375TP only) While you are away from your home or office, you can know if there is a new fax or not. Your machine can send a voice message with a recorded number you select when the new fax comes in. Press repeatedly, and press Menu...

  • Page 38


  • Page 39: Inserting A Pause, Using Caller Id, Using The Mute, To Release The Mute

    Inserting a pause With some private telephone systems, you must dial an access code (9, for example) and listen for a second dial tone before dialling an outside number. In such cases, you need to insert a pause in the number when you are registering Auto Dial such as a One-Touch or Speed Dial number.

  • Page 40: Recording A Conversation (sf-375tp Only), Sound Setup

    Recording a conversation (SF-375TP only) While you are talking on the phone via speaker phone you may need to record the conversation for tracking a story. Your machine provides this convenience for your purpose. To record the conversation Press while you are speaking. Play/Record •...

  • Page 41: User Reports, To Print A Report

    User reports Your fax machine can print reports containing useful information - Scheduled Info, System Data, Help report, etc. To print a report Press respectively until Menu Choose the report you want by using Press when the desired report is displayed.

  • Page 42: Re-printing Faxes, Registering/deleting The Junk Fax Numbers, Entering Junk Fax Setup Mode

    Re-Printing faxes You may sometimes need to re-print a received fax. Your machine stores the most recently received faxes in memory. As this memory is filled, old faxes that have been printed will be erased to make room for new faxes. To access this facility: Press respectively until...

  • Page 43: Using Short Message Service (sms), Reading Sms Messages, Sending Sms Messages

    Using Short Message Service (SMS) Your machine supports the short message service. Using this feature, you can transmit short messages sending to other machine and receive short messages coming from other machines such as faxes, computers, or mobile phones. When you read or print your messages, the font not supported by your machine appears as blank. See page 9.5 and page 9.6 for information about font available with your machine.

  • Page 44: Printing Sms Messages, Deleting Stored Sms Messages, Setup Sms Messages

    Then appears in the display. Sending... Printing SMS messages You can print sent and received messages . Press repeatedly until Menu SHORT MESSAGE Select by pressing Left/right arrow Print Press buttons until the menu item you want appears, and press Left/right arrow •...

  • Page 45

    Having subscribed to the Caller Display Service, your machine must be registered with your telecoms provider. The Default SMS Center Number and Registration Number are preset on your fax machine. To register the device, please follow the instructions below:...

  • Page 46: Clearing Memory, User Options, Setting System/tam Options

    User options Your fax machine has various user-selectable features. These options are preset at the factory, but you may need to change them. To find out how the options are currently set, print the System Data List. For more information on printing a report, see "To print a report"...

  • Page 47

    You can select the number of rings before answering an incoming call. If you are using your machine as both a telephone and a fax machine, we suggest you set the ring count to at least 4 to give you time to answer.

  • Page 48

    Option Darkness Sets the default contrast when copying and faxing. Image TCR You can prevent the Image TCR (Transmission Confirmation Report) from being included in the confirmation report for privacy or security protection. Set the dialling mode to the type of the exchange to which you are connected. Dial Mode If your machine is connected to the line from PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange), you need to Behind PABX...

  • Page 50

    HAPTER SING RINTING This chapter is only for SF-371P and SF-375TP users.

  • Page 51: Making Connection, Installing Printer Software, System Requirements

    Making Connection Connect the USB cable which came with your machine. • The “New Hardware found” message is shown, click the “cancel” button. Installing Printer Software This printer supports only black print. You must install software using the supplied Printer Software CD after you have set up your machine and connected it to your computer.

  • Page 52

    If the test page prints out correctly, click Yes. If not, click No to reprint it. To register yourself as a user of Samsung Printers in order to receive information from Samsung, select the checkbox and click Finish. You are now sent to the Samsung web site.

  • Page 53: Setting The Dafault Printer, Reinstalling Software

    Printers and Faxes. For Windows XP, select For Windows Vista, select Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Printers. Select Samsung SF-370_CF-370 Series printer. Click the right mouse button on the printer icon and: For Windows 2000/XP/Vista, select Reinstalling Software You can reinstall the software if installation fails.

  • Page 54: Removing Printer Software, Printing A Document

    Select Print from the File menu. The Print window is displayed. It may look slightly different depending on your application. Make sure that Samsung SF-370_CF-370 Series is selected as your default printer. • The basic print settings are selected within the Print window. These settings include the number of copies and the print range.

  • Page 55

    • Click the Windows Start menu. • For Windows 2000, select Settings and then Printers. For Windows XP, select Printers and Faxes. For Windows Vista, select Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Printers. Samsung SF-370_CF-370 Series • Select the Portrait printer.

  • Page 56: Cancelling A Print Job, Using Help

    For Windows XP, select Printers and Faxes. For Windows Vista, select Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Printers. • Double-click the Samsung SF-370_CF-370 Series icon. • From the Document menu, select Cancel. : You can access this window simply by double-clicking the printer icon at the bottom right corner of the Windows desktop.

  • Page 58


  • Page 59: Cleaning The Document Scanner

    To keep your machine working properly, occasionally clean the White Roller, ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) Rubber, and the Scanning Glass. If they are dirty, documents sent to another fax machine won’t be clear. If you turn the power off to clean the scanner, documents stored in memory will be lost.

  • Page 60: Replacing The Print Cartridge

    Replacing the print cartridge When you notice that the print becomes light or cartridge. You should replace the cartridge with the same one which was provided with the machine. The part number for replacement cartridges are: • mono: INK-M41/41V for European countries. INK-M43 for India and South Africa.

  • Page 61: Cleaning The Printhead, Aligning The Printhead, Ink Level View, Shading Adjustment

    Cleaning the printhead If the nozzles seem to be clogged and characters are not printing completely, clean the printhead as described below: Press repeatedly until Menu MAINTENANCE Scroll to by pressing Clean Head Examine the printed test pattern. • If print quality does not improve, reinstall the cartridge and repeat Clean Head. •...

  • Page 62: Self Testing, Print Cartridge Maintenance, Cleaning The Cartridge, Wiping The Print Nozzles And Contacts

    Self testing When you want to test if the machine is working correctly, you can check it by running self test. Press repeatedly until Menu MAINTENANCE Scroll to by pressing Self Test Left/right arrow • The machine runs self test and prints a report which shows the current status of the machine. Print cartridge maintenance The print cartridge life is very sensitive to the content of the received fax or a copy you made.

  • Page 63: Cleaning The Cartridge Carrier Contacts

    Cleaning the cartridge carrier contacts Before cleaning these parts, there should be no scheduled job such as Delayed Fax, Send Polling, or faxes received into memory. Once you have unplugged the power cord from the machine, all data will be lost. Press Cartridge Change Open the Control Panel and Cartridge Compartment Cover and remove the cartridge.

  • Page 64: Lcd Error Messages

    LCD error messages Display Adjust scanner first in Maintenance The shading waveform to be used as a reference is corrupted due menu to unknown reason. Adjust the scanner to fix this problem as described in "Shading adjustment" on page 8.4. Check white paper document and try The scanning level is too low to compare with reference level.

  • Page 65

    The machine you want to poll is not ready to answer your poll. Polling Error Check remote site The person you are polling should have loaded their fax machine with a document and be in send poll state. Processing Job You attempt to enter My Favorites, while sending My Favorites document or printing My Favorites document.

  • Page 66

    Display Remove jammed paper and press Stop/ The paper has jammed during printing. To clear the paper jam, Clear. see "Paper jams during printing" on page 8.12. System Busy There is no available resource to execute job you ordered. Try again later Send Error.

  • Page 67: Fixing Problems, Fax Problems

    Check if your phone line is noisy. Check if the printhead is clean by making a copy. The fax machine sending to you may have a dirty scan glass. Check for a noisy phone line. The machine sending to you had a temporary document jam.

  • Page 68: Print Quality Problems, Paper Feeding Problems

    Print quality problems Problem Light or blurred characters. Smudged or dark characters. Characters with white lines. Improperly formed or misaligned characters. Abnormal black horizontal lines Paper feeding problems Problem Paper is jammed during printing. Paper sticks together. Paper fails to feed. Multiple sheets of paper feed.

  • Page 69: Clearing Jams, Document Jams During Transmission, Paper Jams During Printing

    Clearing jams Document jams during transmission If a document jams during transmission or copying, document out of the slot. Doing so could harm your machine. To clear document jam: Open the Control Panel. Carefully remove the jammed document. Close the Control Panel firmly until it clicks into place. Paper jams during printing If the fax paper jams while you are receiving or printing, If the paper is jammed in the Received Paper Output Area...

  • Page 70


  • Page 71: Specifications, General Specifications, Printer Specifications (sf-371p And Sf-375tp Only)

    Specifications General specifications Item (Automatic Document Up to 15 sheets (0.1 mm thickness, 75 g/m Feeder) ADF document size Width: 148 to 216 mm Length: 128 to 390 mm (Automatic Sheet Up to 50 sheets (75 g/m Feeder) ASF document size A4 (210 x 297 mm), Letter (216 x 279 mm), Legal (216 x 356 mm) Consumables 1-piece Ink cartridge system...

  • Page 72: Scanner And Copier Specification, Facsimile Specifications

    a. Print speed will be affected by operating system used, computing performance, application software, connecting method, media size, and job complexity. b. Please visit to download the latest software version. Scanner and copier specification Item Scanning method CIS (Contact Image Sensor) Resolution Optical scan: 200 x 200 dpi Effective scanning width...

  • Page 73: A Sample Of Itu #1 Chart (reduced To 60.5%)

    A sample of ITU #1 chart (reduced to 60.5%)

  • Page 74: Font List For Print

    Font List for Print...

  • Page 75: Font List For Lcd

    Font List for LCD...

  • Page 76: Replacing The Fitted Plug (uk), Notes For Use Of This Device (new Zealand)

    Replacing the fitted plug (UK) Notes for use of this device (New Zealand)

  • Page 77: Declaration Of Conformity (european Countries)

    Declaration of conformity (European countries)

  • Page 79: In Case Of Interference (us), Fax Branding (us)

    In case of interference (US) Fax branding (US) See "Chapter 1" for instructions on how to enter this information into your Samsung FAX machine’s memory. 9.10...

  • Page 80: Telephone Company Information (us)

    Telephone company information (US) 9.11...

  • Page 81: Correct Disposal Of This Product (waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment)

    Correct Disposal of This Product (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) (Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate collection systems) This marking shown on the product or its literature, indicates that it should not be disposed with other household wastes at the end of its working life. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, please separate this from other types of wastes and recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources.

  • Page 82

    ADF 8.2, 9.2 alignment 8.3 appearance 1.3 ASF 1.5, 8.11 auto journal 6.10 auto reduction 6.10 broadcasting 1.2, 3.3, 5.1, 5.2, 8.7 call monitor 1.2, 4.2, 6.11 caller id 2.3, 2.4, 6.2, 6.4, 6.5, 6.10, 8.8 canceling print 7.7 cartridge alignment 8.4 cleaning 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, 8.11 ink level 8.4...

  • Page 83

    polling 1.2, 5.4, 6.4, 8.6, 8.8, 8.10 printer driver install 7.2 uninstall 7.5 receive mode auto mode 3.4, 3.5 DRPD 1.2, 3.4, 3.6, 6.10 fax mode 3.5, 5.4 TAM mode 1.4, 3.4, 3.5, 4.1, 4.2, 4.5, 6.11 tel mode 3.5, 8.10 remote command 4.5 remote commands 4.5 remote password 4.5, 6.11...

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