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Casio fx-570ES PLUS User Manual: When Error Occurs; Before Assuming Malfunction Of The Calculator

Casio calculator user's guide.
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Action: Make necessary corrections.
Argument ERROR
Cause: There is a problem with the argument of the calculation you are
Action: Make necessary corrections.
Dimension ERROR (MATRIX and VECTOR Modes only)
Cause: • The matrix or vector you are trying to use in a calculation was input
without specifying its dimension. • You are trying to perform a calculation with
matrices or vectors whose dimensions do not allow that type of calculation.
Action: • Specify the dimension of the matrix or vector and then perform
the calculation again. • Check the dimensions specified for the matrices or
vectors to see if they are compatible with the calculation.
Variable ERROR (SOLVE feature only)
Cause: • You did not specify a solution variable, and there is no X variable
in the equation you input. • The solution variable that you specified is not
included in the equation you input.
Action: • The equation you input must include an X variable when you do
not specify the solution variable. • Specify a variable that is included in the
equation you input as the solution variable.
Can't Solve Error (SOLVE feature only)
Cause: The calculator could not obtain a solution.
Action: • Check for errors in the equation that you input. • Input a value
for the solution variable that is close to the expected solution and try again.
Insufficient MEM Error
Cause: The configuration of TABLE Mode parameters caused more than
30 X-values to be generated for a table.
Action: Narrow the table calculation range by changing the Start, End, and
Step values, and try again.
Time Out Error
Cause: The current differential or integration calculation ends without the
ending condition being fulfilled.
Action: Try increasing the
Before Assuming Malfunction of the
Perform the following steps whenever an error occurs during a calculation
or when calculation results are not what you expected. If one step does not
correct the problem, move on to the next step.
Note that you should make separate copies of important data before
performing these steps.
1. Check the calculation expression to make sure that it does not contain any
2. Make sure that you are using the correct mode for the type of calculation
you are trying to perform.
3. If the above steps do not correct your problem, press the
cause the calculator to perform a routine that checks whether calculation
functions are operating correctly. If the calculator discovers any abnormality,
it automatically initializes the calculation mode and clears memory contents.
value. Note that this also decreases solution
key. This will


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