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Garmin GNS 430 Quick Reference

Garmin gns 430: quick reference.
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GNS 430/430A
Quick Reference


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    GNS 430/430A Quick Reference...

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    COM frequencies. Press and hold to select emergency channel (121.500 MHz). The VLOC Flip-flop Key is used to swap the active and standby VLOC frequencies (i.e., make the selected standby frequency active). GNS 430 Quick Reference MSG (message) FPL (flight plan) PROC (procedures) Large right knob...

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    Otherwise, the pilot may select the desired airport, then the desired procedure. TO POWER ON THE GNS 430 Turn the COM Power/Volume Knob clockwise to turn the unit power on and set the desired radio volume.

  • Page 4

    Key to display the Satellite Status Page. SCREEN LAYOUT (WINDOWS) The GNS 430’ s display is divided into three separate ‘windows’ (or screen areas). The left 1/4 of the display provides a COM window (top two lines) and a VLOC window (bottom two lines).

  • Page 5

    Press and hold the COM Flip-flop Key for approximately two seconds. DATA ENTRY Data is entered in the GPS Window using the large and small right knobs. The large right knob is used to move the cursor about the page. The small right knob is used to select individual characters for the highlighted cursor location.

  • Page 6

    MAIN PAGE GROUPS MAIN PAGE GROUPS The GNS 430’ s main pages are divided into 4 separate page groups: NAV, WPT, AUX, and NRST. Each page group is comprised of multiple pages. The page groups are selected using the large right knob. The individual pages are selected using the small right knob.

  • Page 7

    Use the small and large right knobs to enter the identifier of the desired destination waypoint. NRST NDB NRST Center Press the ENT Key to confirm the selected waypoint, and press the ENT Key again to activate the direct-to function. GNS 430 Quick Reference DIRECT-TO NAVIGATION...

  • Page 8

    Use the small and large right knobs to enter the facility name or city location of the desired destination waypoint. When spelling the facility name or city, the GNS 430’s Spell’N’Find feature selects the first entry in the database based upon the characters the pilot has entered up to that point.

  • Page 9

    ENT Key to accept the selected identifier. To view the other airport information pages, press the small right knob to remove the flashing cursor and turn the small right knob to select the desired page. GNS 430 Quick Reference VIEWING AIRPORT INFORMATION...

  • Page 10

    TO AUTO-TUNE A FREQUENCY FROM A LIST The GNS 430’ s auto-tune feature allows the pilot to quickly select any database frequency in the GPS Window as the standby frequency. With a minimum of keystrokes, any frequency listed in the GPS Window can be transferred to the standby field of the COM or VLOC window.

  • Page 11

    MENU Key to display the Default NAV Page Menu. The ‘Change Fields?’ option is already highlighted, so press the ENT Key to select this option. Use the large right knob to highlight the data field to be changed. GNS 430 Quick Reference DEFAULT NAV PAGE...

  • Page 12

    Press the down arrow of the RNG Key to zoom in to a smaller map area and more detail. GNS 430 Quick Reference Airport with hard surface runway(s); (primary runway shown) Airport with soft surface runway(s) only Private Airfield...

  • Page 13

    2, but instead select ‘Data Fields On?’ from the options menu. TO QUICKLY DECLUTTER THE MAP DISPLAY Press the CLR Key momentarily (as often as needed) to select the desired amount of map detail. Map Detail Level GNS 430 Quick Reference FULL SCREEN MAP...

  • Page 14

    Turn the large right knob to place the cursor on the airport identifier field (top line on the NAVCOM Page). Turn the small right knob to select the desired airport and press the ENT Key. GNS 430 Quick Reference Assigned Frequency and Usage Information (When Applicable) Scroll Bar...

  • Page 15

    To remove the flashing cursor, press the small right knob. Message Annunciator: On, Flashing (new message), or blank(no message) Page Indicator (NAV/ WPT/AUX/NRST/FPL/ DRCT/PROC/MSG), Waypoint Alert (‘NEXT DTK’), or Turn Advisory (‘TURN TO’_), etc. GNS 430 Quick Reference NEAREST AIRPORTS...

  • Page 16

    Continue turning the small right knob to scroll through the list and highlight the desired airport. Press the ENT Key to confirm the selected airport. Press the ENT Key again (with ‘Activate?’ highlighted) to activate the direct-to function. GNS 430 Quick Reference...

  • Page 17

    Press the MENU Key to display the Flight Plan Catalog Page Menu. Turn the large right knob to highlight ‘Delete Flight Plan?’, and press the ENT Key. With ‘Yes?’ highlighted, press the ENT Key to delete the flight plan. GNS 430 Quick Reference FLIGHT PLANS...

  • Page 18

    ENT Key. (The approach ‘Vectors’ option assumes the pilot will receive vectors to the final course segment of the approach and will provide navigation guidance relative to the final approach course.) GNS 430 Quick Reference...

  • Page 19

    (or HSI) for primary navigation. To confirm this reminder, highlight ‘Yes?’ and press the ENT Key. Not all approaches in the database are approved for GPS use. As the pilot selects an approach, a ‘GPS’ designation to the right of the procedure name indicates the procedure can be flown using the GPS receiver.

  • Page 20

    1.0 nm to 5.0 nm. Within 2.0 nautical miles of the final approach fix, GPS- based approaches will see a second transition from 1.0 nautical mile to 0.3 nautical mile (approach mode, ‘APR’). GNS 430 Quick Reference...

  • Page 21

    This allows use of standard timing (typically one minute) to fly the inbound and outbound legs of the hold. The GNS 430 provides course guidance only on the inbound side of the holding pattern. When leaving the holding pattern to re-fly the approach (or another approach) press the PROC Key to ‘Select Approach?’...

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    Unit 5, The Quadrangle Abbey Park Industrial Estate Romsey, SO51 9DL, U.K. p: 44/0870.8501241 f: 44/0870.8501251 Garmin Corporation No. 68, Jangshu 2nd Road Shijr, Taipei County, Taiwan p: 886/2.2642.9199 f: 886/2.2642.9099 © 2006 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries 190-00140-01 Rev. E...

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