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Auto Code Search - GE 24914 Instruction Manual

Ge 24914: user guide
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Table of Contents
Programming Your Remote, cont.

Auto Code Search

The Auto Code Search searches automatically
through all of the codes stored in this remote. Read
all the following steps prior to starting the auto
search as you will need to be prepared to lock-in the
proper code when found.
1. Manually turn on the device you wish
to control.
2. Press and hold the SETUP button until
the red indicator light stays on
(approximately 4 seconds) and then
release the button.
3. Press and release the desired device
button on the remote (TV, DVD, CBL/
SAT, DVR/AUX). The red indicator will
blink once and then remain on.
4. Point the remote at the device and
press and release the POWER button
(for TV) or PLAY button (for DVD, VCR,
etc.) to start the search. The red
indicator will flash (approximately
every 2 seconds) as the remote
searches. Note: The remote must be
pointed at the device for the duration
of this search.
5. Place your finger on the #1 button so
you are prepared to lock-in the code.
6. When the device shuts off or begins
playing, press the #1 button to
lock-in the code. The red indicator
light will turn off. Note: You have
approximately two seconds after the
device shuts off or begins playing to
lock-in the code.
7. Point the remote at the device and
check to see if the remote operates
the device as desired. If it does, no
further programming is required for
that device. If it does not, return to
step 2 and start the auto
search again.

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Table of Contents

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