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Before First Use - Electrolux EDH12TRBD2 User Manual



4.1 Selecting a Location
1. Appliance must be upright for one hour
prior to operating.
2. Place the appliance in a location with
minimum 20cm distance around the
unit (at least 40cm of air space on air
3. The appliance operating in a basement
will have little or no effect in drying an
adjacent enclosed storage area, such
as a closet, unless there is adequate
circulation of air in and out of the area.
4. lt may be necessary to install a second
appliance in the enclosed area for
satisfactory drying.
5. The appliance must be installed on a
level floor that can support it even with
a full tank of water.
6. The presence of water in the water tank
during first use is normal.
4.2 How It Works
1. When the appliance is started, the fan
begins to pull moisture-laden air through
the dehumidifying coils. The coils
condense or draw moisture from the air,
and air flows into the room as dry, warm
air. Moisture removed from air is
collected in the built-in water tank at the
lower front of the dehumidifier.
2. The unit is designed to operate between
5°C (41°F) and 35°C (96°F). The unit
will not work properly if the temperature
is out of this temperature range, or the
performance of the unit decreases
3. The compressor circuit has an
automatic 3-minute time delayed start if
the unit is turned off and on quickly.
This prevents overheating of the
compressor and possible circuit breaker
4. If the appliance is unplugged or the
electricity has been cut off when the
unit is operating, the unit will set back
to previous setting after the power is on
4.3 Wireless / app connection
For selected models only: This feature
allows you to connect your appliance to
Wi-Fi network and to link it to your smart
phone. By this functionality you can
receive notifications, control and monitor
your appliance from your mobile devices.
To connect the appliance with your smart
phone you need a wireless network at
home with internet connection enabled
and an Android or iOS mobile device with
connection to the internet.
Please follow the steps to onboard the unit
to your Wi-Fi:
1. Download the app to your mobile
device from Google Play (Android) or
App Store (iOS).
2. Open the app and register to create an
3. Select your Dehumidifier from the list.
4. Plug the appliance into the power
5. Follow the instructions in the app to
complete the onboarding process.
If you cannot connect to your Wi-Fi ,
consult the trouble shoot guide in the
section "7. What to do if...".
4.4 Remove the plastic protective
bag from the HEPA particle
filter packaging
If your product comes with HEPA particle
filter, please remove the protective plastic
packaging covering the filter before first
use of appliance.
Plastic bag
See section "5.12 Filter Change Indicator"
for the HEPA particle filter installation/
replacement instructions in detail.



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