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Messages - Sony Walkman NWZ-S515 Operation Manual

Incredibly versatile windows media compatible 2gb walkman. easily drag and drop most popular music formats and photos
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Follow the instructions below if a message appears in the display.
All group numbers have been
Cannot complete during
playback. Please pause playback
and then try again.
Cannot display folders beyond
this level. Place songs in folders
up to the eighth level.
Cannot play; the license is
Cannot play; file format is not
Cannot play; file is damaged. Please
connect to compliant software or
device and transfer again.
 The total number of list
items (except for the
song lists) exceeds the
limit (8,192 items).
 The total number of
songs registered in the
playlists has reached
You are trying to select an
unselectable item during
The player cannot play
songs beyond the 8th
folder level. (  page 95)
The playback limitation
period of the song has
 You are trying to play a
file that cannot be
played on the player.
 You transferred an audio
file to video folders by
dragging and dropping
S618F only).
The file you are trying to
play is damaged.
Songs exceeding the limit
are stored in "Others. "
 If you cannot find a
song, search for it in the
"Others" list first.
 If you do not want to store
songs that exceed the limit
in the "Others" list, delete
unnecessary songs from the
player using the software
you used to transfer the
songs, or Windows Explorer.
 If the total number of
playlists registered to the
player exceeds 65,535,
playlists exceeding this
number cannot be
displayed. Decrease the
number of playlists
(delete the playlists) using
the software you used to
transfer the playlists.
Pause playback, and try
the operation again.
Move the song(s) beyond
the 8th folder level to a
lesser folder level using
Windows Explorer.
Update the license
information of songs using the
software used for transferring.
You cannot play a song in
an unsupported format
file (  page 127).
Place them in folders
under the "MUSIC"
Transfer the file to the
player again.
Continued 

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