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Setting The Display Of The Photo Screen; Display - Sony Walkman NWZ-S515 Operation Manual

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Playing Photos

Setting the Display of the Photo Screen

You can display or hide the detailed information of a photo, such as an icon
that shows playback status, etc., while playing back a photo.
Press and hold the BACK/HOME button until the Home menu
Press the /// button to select
Press the /// button to select "Photo Settings," and then
press the
The list of "Photo Settings" options appears.
Press the /// button to select "Display," and then press the
button to confirm.
Press the /// button to select the desired setting, and then
press the
 On: Displays the title of the current photo, the shooting date, playback
status, photo number, etc.
 Off: Hides the information of the current photo. (Default setting)
 The display setting can be set on the "Now Playing" screen of the photo. Press the
OPTION/PWR OFF button, and select "Display" from the option menu.
 If "Photo Orientation" is set to "Horizontal (right), " or "Horizontal (left)" (  page 60),
the title of the photo is not displayed, even if "Display" is set to "On. "
button to confirm.
button to confirm.
button to confirm.
5-way button
(Settings), and then press

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