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Canon BJC-250 User Manual

Canon printer user manual model bjc-250
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  Summary of Contents for Canon BJC-250

  • Page 1 BJC-250 USER MANUAL Canon...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    BJC-250 Introduction Supplies and Accessories BJ Cartridges Canon Specialty Papers Getting Help From Canon Servicing the Printer Using the Printer With Windows® Installing the Printer Driver Printing a Document Printer Setup Within Windows 95 Opening the Printer Properties Dialog Box in Windows 95 Using the Printer Driver in Windows 95 Printer Setup Within Windows 3.1...
  • Page 3 Cleaning the Print Head Using the Operators Panel BJ Cartridge Guidelines BJ Cartridge Maintenance Replacing the BJ Cartridge Storing a BJ Cartridge Transporting the Printer Troubleshooting Identifying Your Printer Problem General Problems Clearing Paper Jams Technical Notes Appendix A Specifications Glossary...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Printer. We appreciate your choosing this printer to meet your printing needs. The BJC-250 Series printers offer excellent print quality and fast print speed using both color and black inks. We are certain you will be satisfied with this advanced Bubble Jet technology.
  • Page 5: Supplies And Accessories

    Canon has an extensive dealer network equipped to offer you supplies as you need them. to find a dealer near you, call the Canon Referral Service at 1-800-848-4123. If supplies are not available from your local dealer, you can order directly...
  • Page 6: Maintaining The Printer

    For optimum printing results, Canon recommend that you use only Canon BJ cartridges You can also purchase the optional Canon Photo Kit BC-06, which includes everything you need to produce photo-realistic images: o BC-06 Photo BJ Cartridge...
  • Page 7: Canon Specialty Papers

    T-Shirt Transfers TR-101 o Greeting Cards GC-101 o Bubble Jet Paper LC-301 (water resistant) o Fabric Sheets FS-101 o CF-102 Transparencies o Back Print Film BF-102 o High Gloss Film HG-101 See Chapter 3, Paper Handling, for details on Canon's Specialty Papers.
  • Page 8: Getting Help From Canon

    Getting Help From Canon Canon Computer Systems, Inc. offers a full range of customer technical support options including*: o 24-hour, 7-day-a-week, toll free automated support for troubleshooting issues on most current products (1-800-423-2366) o Speak to a technician free of service charge (currently Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.
  • Page 9: Servicing The Printer

    If you feel your BJC-250 Series Color Bubble Jet Printer needs servicing, you can contact Canon on the World Wide Web to locate the Canon Authorized Service facility (ASF) nearest you. If you do not have access to the Web, you...
  • Page 10: Using The Printer With Windows

    You define these settings within the printer driver, and the printer driver then communicates the settings to both the computer and the printer. You must install the BJC-250 Printer Driver for windows before you can use the printer with your computer. See your Quick Start Guide for instructions.
  • Page 11: Printing A Document

    Click on the Setup button if you want to make any adjustments as appropriate for printing your document. (See Print Setup Within Windows 95 or Printer Setup Within Windows 3.1 for details.) Select OK to close the Print Setup dialog box.
  • Page 12 Choose Print After making any necessary changes to the printing parameters, select OK to from the File start the print job. menu. 2 of 2 4/9/98 3:46 PM...
  • Page 13: Printer Setup Within Windows 95

    From within any Windows application, you can select the Print or Print Setup command. From the Printers folder, you can select the printer and then select the Properties command from the File menu. From the Printers folder, you can select the printer, click the right mouse button, and then select Properties from the drop down list.
  • Page 14: Printer Setup Within Windows 3.1

    Printer Setup Within Windows 3.1 You can use your printer with all your Windows 3.1 applications. Accessing the Printer Options You can access the printing options from the Printers dialog box in the Control Panel, or you can select the Print Setup option available from the File menu of most applications that run in Windows.
  • Page 15: The Windows Tabs

    The Windows Tabs The BJ Series Printer Driver for Windows has several tabs from which you select you printing options and learn about your printer drivers well as your printer. General (Windows 95 only) This tab allows you to add comments regarding the printer driver and print test page or a separator page.
  • Page 16 This tab allows you to specify page orientation, paper size, and type of print media. (The printing options on this tab are the same for both Windows 95 and Windows 3.1.) Graphics This tab allows you to specify print quality, color model, and print model. (The printing options on this tab are the same for both Windows 95 and Windows 3.1.
  • Page 17 Control This tab allows you to print test pages, turn off the printer, enable or disable the auto power on feature, and clean the print head. It also allows you to turn off the printer after a certain period of inactivity. (The printing options on this tab are the...
  • Page 18: Specifying Your Printer Options

    Specifying Your Printer Options Be sure to use your on-line help to find out about the settings available for each printing options. To move between the Windows tabs, click on any of the tabs. To save the settings and exit, click the OK button.
  • Page 20: Using The Setup Analyzer

    Using the Setup Analyzer The Setup Analyzer allows the printer driver to evaluate your choice of choice of printing settings. On the Setting tab, click on the green check to enable the Setup Analyzer. Click on the red Ø symbol to disable it.
  • Page 21: Using Cartridge Detection

    If you choose the monochrome Color Model and you have a BC-05 Color BJ Cartridge installed, you'll see: Performance Tip! You now have a color cartridge installed in your printer. For faster printing speed, change the color cartridge to the monochrome cartridge.
  • Page 22: For Quick Color Printing

    Use the optional BC-02 Black BJ Cartridge to optimize the printer's performance when you are printing black text and graphics only. In the BJC-250 Printer Driver for Windows, choose the following settings to tell your printer to print using black ink only.
  • Page 23: Other Ways To Improve Print Speed In Windows 2.12

    Other Ways to Improve Print Speed in Windows To improve print speed, you can try the following: Turn off the Print Manager in the Windows Control Panel (Windows 3.1 only). This avoids the extra step of sending the print file to the Print Manager and may increase your printing speed by as much as 25%, depending on the computer you are using.
  • Page 24 Use the Draft print quality. The printer will need to image fewer dots. Use Plain Paper as Media Type. The print head will make only on pass for each printed line.
  • Page 25: Paper Handling

    Printing on envelopes Using Canon's Specialty Papers To ensure the best performance of your printer, you'll want to select the best paper and load it correctly. You can stack paper in the sheet feeder to load it automatically, or you can manually feed one sheet at a time.
  • Page 26: Selecting Paper Types

    Glossy Photo Paper Canon Glossy Photo Paper GP-201 is a high gloss, thicker paper that produces the look and feel of a photograph and provides excellent color print quality. Use this paper with the BC-06 Photo BJ Cartridge to produce photo-realistic prints from your printer.
  • Page 27 Windows) so when you iron it onto the t-shirt the image is viewed correctly. Greeting Cards Get the most out of your Canon Creative or other card making software with Canon Greeting Cards GC-101. These cards give your unique, personalized cards the look and feel of professional cards.
  • Page 28: Paper Guidelines

    If you need to print dense graphics, try printing on heavier stock. Do not use thicker paper than meets the specifications for this printer. Printing with a paper that is thick enough to come in contact with the print head nozzles may...
  • Page 29: Setting The Paper Thickness Lever

    Setting the Paper Thickness Lever To ensure trouble-free paper handling, you'll want to set the paper thickness lever before loading paper. Set the lever according to the thickness of the paper you are using: Left Plain Paper High Resolution Paper Bubble Jet Paper Transparencies Back Print Film...
  • Page 30: Printer Settings For Various Print Media

    Printer Setting for Various Print Media...
  • Page 31: Loading Paper

    Loading Paper You can stack paper in the sheet feeder to load it automatically, or you can manually feed one sheet at a time through the manual feed slot. You place approximately 100 sheets of plain paper (20 lb. or 75 g/m²) in the sheet feeder at a time.
  • Page 32 Pull the Paper Support up until it stops. Fan the For best results, fan the paper before loading it. Always fan a stack of paper along the edge that will paper...
  • Page 33 Align the edge of the paper with the right edge of the sheet feeder. Secure the stack with the paper guide stack of paper into the sheet feeder until it stops Start your print Make sure that the printer is turned on. operation.
  • Page 34: Manually Feeding Paper

    If you are manually feeding thick paper, set the thickness lever to the right. Start your print If you are using Windows, you must select Manual Feed in the BJC-250 operation. Printer Driver for the printer to accept manually fed paper.
  • Page 35 Insert the Slide in the paper into the manual feed slot on the back of the printer until it stops inside the sheet feeder. single sheet. Align the sheet with left edge of the manual feed slot. Hold the sheet for about two seconds until it feeds automatically.
  • Page 36: Printing On Envelopes

    U.S. Commercial number 10 (COM10) envelopes and European DL envelopes are recommended. You may be able to stack envelopes of other sizes in the sheet feeder; however, Canon cannot guarantee consistent performance on envelope sizes other COM10 and DL. The following envelopes are not recommended because they may cause jams or smears, or may damage your printer.
  • Page 37 Make sure the paper support is raised. Prepare the Arrange the stack of envelopes on a firm surface and press down firmly on the edges to make the folds crisp. envelopes. Press all the way around the envelopes to remove any curls and expel air from inside the envelopes.
  • Page 38 Insert the Slide a stack of envelopes into the sheet feeder until it stops. Align the edge of the paper guide with the left edge of the stack of envelopes. envelopes. Start your print Make sure the printer is on. operation.
  • Page 39: Using Canon's Specialty Papers

    High Resolution Paper, Fabric Sheets, and Banner Paper. Specialty Paper Guidelines Be sure to read any instructions that come with your Canon Specialty Paper. These instructions provide important information regarding how to achieve the highest print quality with these papers.
  • Page 40 Uncurling Back Print Film If Back Print Film becomes curled, follow these steps to uncurl it: Cover the non-glossy side of the film with a sheet of plain paper. Roll the film and paper up in the direction opposite the curl.
  • Page 41: High Resolution Paper Hr-101

    High Resolution Paper HR-101 Canon's High Resolution Paper HR-101 is designed for high quality printing. This paper is specially coated to produce delicate color output. After using a package of High Resolution Paper (200 sheets), you need to use the cleaning sheet enclosed with the paper to remove paper dust from the printer's rollers;...
  • Page 42 Printing on a Fabric Sheet Setup Make sure the paper thickness lever is to the right position. printer. Make sure the paper support is extended. Insert the fabric Insert the sheet with the sheet. cloth side out (toward you) and open end up (away...
  • Page 43 Setup the In the Paper tab, select A4 for the Paper Size and select Fabric Sheet for BJC-250 the Print Media. In the graphics tab, select High for the Print Quality. Printer Driver Start the print operation from your Windows application.
  • Page 44: Printing On Banner Paper

    Printing on Banner Paper For best results, use Canon Banner Paper. To set up a print job on banner paper, you must decide on the number of sheets you need. You can print banner from 2 to 6 sheets in length.
  • Page 45 Set the Open the front cover. Use both hands to paper open the front cover. thickness Set the paper thickness lever. lever to the right. Close the front cover. Cut the Banner at the crease The maximum length you can according to use is six sheets (66 inches) or 1676 mm).
  • Page 46 Align the first sheet of paper with the banner paper. right edge of the sheet feeder and slide it into the printer until it stops. Then adjust the paper guide to the edge of the paper. Do not allow the...
  • Page 47 Setup your Open the Windows applications you are going to use to print. From the File Menu, select Print . Then select your print options using the BJC-250 Printer printer Driver for Windows. driver. Start Click OK or Print to start the print job.
  • Page 48: Printer Guidelines

    Maintaining the Printer This chapter covers the care required for your printer. It includes: Printer guidelines Cleaning the printer Printing the test pages Cleaning the print head BJ cartridge guidelines Replacing the BJ cartridge Storing a BJ cartridge Transporting the printer...
  • Page 49: Printer Guidelines

    Do not unplug the AC adapter unnecessarily. Do not unplug the printer or turn off a power strip to which the printer is attached when the printer's power is turned on. This may prevent the print head unit from returning to the home position on the right and being capped, which may cause the print head to dry out.
  • Page 50: Cleaning The Printer

    Your Printer requires little routine maintenance. Perform the following maintenance, as necessary, to keep your printer in good operating condition. Make sure the printer is turned off before cleaning it. It is a good idea to unplug the AC adapter also.
  • Page 51: Printing The Test Pages

    Printing the Test Pages You can print these test pages to check the operation of your printer and your print quality. Test A This test prints a repeating pattern of characters.
  • Page 52 Demonstration This test prints a sample page describing the printer's features.
  • Page 53 Nozzle Test Use this test print to check that each print head nozzle is operating properly. When the BC-05 Color BJ cartridge is installed, the pattern includes the three colors: yellow, magenta, and cyan. In the color pattern, you'll notice that lines are missing between the colors. This is normal. The following sample shows the nozzle test when the optional BC-02 Black BJ cartridge is installed.
  • Page 54: Printing The Test Pages

    Printing the Test Page From Windows You use the Test option on the Control tab in your BJC-250 Printer Driver for Windows to print a self test, demonstration page, or a nozzle test pattern. Before selecting a Tests option, make sure paper is properly loaded in the sheet feeder (see Automatically Feeding Paper starting on page 3-7).
  • Page 55: Printing The Test Pages Using The Operator Panel

    Printing the Test Pages Using the Operator Panel To print a test page, make sure the printer is turned off and paper is loaded. Press and hold the POWER button until you hear the number of beeps that correspond to the test page you want to print.
  • Page 56: Cleaning The Print Head

    Cleaning the Print Head Your printer is equipped with a print head cleaning function to ensure constant high quality printing. Cleaning the Print Head From Windows If you are using Windows, you can execute print head cleaning from the Control sheet in...
  • Page 57: Cleaning The Print Head Using The Operators Panel

    Perform the print head cleaning only when you encounter a print quality problem. Unnecessary and repetitious cleaning will waste ink. If you execute the print head cleaning while paper is manually loaded, the printer will eject the paper and then perform the cleaning.
  • Page 58: Bj Cartridge Guidelines

    Canon has more engineers dedicated to creating quality ink for providing the best results for output on Bubble Jet printers than any other organization. Canon does not prohibit the use of third-party inks and the use of third-party inks does not invalidate the product's limited warranty.
  • Page 59: Bj Cartridge Maintenance

    BJ Cartridge Maintenance The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your printer and to ensure optimum print quality is to take care of the BJ cartridges. Spilled ink can stain any surface. Open BJ cartridges carefully, and follow the guidelines presented here to protect against spilled ink.
  • Page 60: Replacing The Bj Cartridge

    Replacing the BJ Cartridge The following procedure describes how to replace the bc-05 Color BJ cartridge with the BC-02 Black BJ Cartridge. Follow the instructions in this section to replace an old BJ cartridge or to change BJ cartridges when you are switching between the BC-05 and any of the other BJ cartridges.
  • Page 61 Store or If you are replacing an old BJ cartridge, dispose of the old dispose of the cartridge properly. BJ cartridge. If you are switching cartridges, you must store the cartridge you are removing in the Ink Cartridge Storage Box. Take the new BJ Peel off the protective foil.
  • Page 62 Fit the BJ Avoid touching the yellow mounting base on which you cartridge place the cartridge--especially over the the circuit board on the side of yellow the mounting base and the film mounting base cable that extends from the BJ cartridge holder.
  • Page 63: Front Cover

    When ever you turn off the printer, the BJ cartridge moves to the home position on the right and caps itself. If you unplug the printer while it is printing (or if you turn off a power strip to which the printer is connected), or if you manually move the cartridge holder from the home position, the BJ cartridge will not be capped and it may dry out.
  • Page 64: Storing A Bj Cartridge

    Storing a BJ Cartridge Whenever you unwrap a BJ cartridge, you must either install it in the printer or store it in the Ink Cartridge Storage Box to prevent the print head from drying and clogging. Open the Ink When opening or closing the Ink Cartridge Storage Box, press in on the release tab that locks the cover in place.
  • Page 65 Then press down to lock the cover in place. storage box. Whenever you remove a BJ cartridge from the printer, store the cartridge in the storage box (unless you are disposing of it). If you have more than one Ink Cartridge Storage Box, you can hook them together.
  • Page 66: Transporting The Printer

    (and become unusable) if it is not capped and taped correctly. If you plan to move the printer from one location to another, or if you want to store it, follow the steps below.
  • Page 67 Also, its original if you do not tape the BJ cartridge to the side of the printer, ink may spill into the packing printer.
  • Page 68: Troubleshooting

    For complete problem solving information, be sure to use our other support services. See Getting Help From Canon in Chapter 1 (page 1-5) for details on Canon's customer technical support options.
  • Page 69: General Problems

    General Problems The most basic problems you may encounter are "the printer does not print" and " your print quality is not satisfactory" If the printer does not print Check all your cable connections Check your printer driver setup Check your computer configuration...
  • Page 70: Clearing Paper Jams

    Clearing Paper Jams When a paper jam occurs, the POWER light turns orange and the printer goes off-line. Turn off the Press the POWER button printer. Remove Gently pull the paper out jammed with one hand while holding down the printer paper.
  • Page 71: Technical Notes

    Technical Notes Compaq Presario 7170/7180 Problem A [k prints at the top of the page when printing from Windows 95 on a Compaq Presario 7170/7180 Cause Configuration of parallel port in CMOS Solution Change CMOS on Compaq Presario 7170/7180 to enable bi-directional capability Reboot computer, press "delete"...
  • Page 72 Go to Programs Select Toshiba Utilities You will have either TSETUP or HARDWARE SETUP UTILITY For TSETUP Select Hardware Options Select Parallel/ Printer Select Standard bi-directional Click OK The computer will ask if you want to reboot-Select Yes On both utilities you will have to save and reboot the system.
  • Page 73 Click "+" in Front of Port Highlight ECP Printer Port Properties Driver Change Driver... Show all Devices Printer Port Click OK Click OK Close Reboot If these suggestions do not solve the problem, you need to call Canon (see page 1-5 for details).
  • Page 74: Specifications

    Canon Transparency Film (CF-102) Canon Back Print Film (BF-102) Canon High Gloss Film (HG-101) Canon Glossy Photo Paper (GP-201) Fabric Sheets (FS-101) for Canon Bubble Jet Printers Canon T-Shirt Transfers (TR-101) Canon Greeting Cards (GC-101) Canon Banner Paper Commercial Number 10 European DL...
  • Page 75 Automatic Feed Manual Feed Print Speed BC-05 BC-02 Print Width Maximum Line Feed Speed Printing Direction Resolution 720 x 360 dpi w/smoothing 360 x 360 dpi Printable Area - Papers The shaded portion the following figure shows the printing area for papers. 17 to 24 lb.
  • Page 76 Printable Areas - Envelopes The shaded portion in the following figure shows the printing area for an envelope.
  • Page 77 BC-05 Color BJ Cartridge Print head 16 nozzles for each color (cyan, magenta, yellow) Life Expectancy Approx 300 pages at 15% coverage BC - 02 Black BJ Cartridge (optional) Print Head 64 Nozzles Ink Color Black Life Expectancy Approximately 500 Pages in high Quality mode (5% coverage) BC-06 Photo BJ Cartridge (optional) Print Head...

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