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Cmos camera
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 Handle carefully
Do not drop the equipment or allow it to be subject to strong impact or vibration, as such action may
cause malfunctions. Further, do not damage the connection cable, since this may cause wire
 Environmental operating conditions
Do not use the product in locations where the ambient temperature or humidity exceeds the
Otherwise, image quality may be degraded or internal components may be adversely affected. In
particular, do not use the product in areas exposed to direct sunlight.
 Combination of C-mount lens
Depending on the lens you use, the performance of the camera may not be brought out fully due to
the deterioration in resolution and brightness in the peripheral area, occurrence of a ghost,
aberration and others. When you check the combination between the lens and camera, be sure to
use the lens you actually use.
When installing a lens in the camera, make sure carefully that it is not tilted.
In addition, use a mounting screw free from defects and dirt. Otherwise, the camera may be unable
to be removed.
As for the C-mount lens used combining this product, the projection distance from bottom of the
screw should use 10mm or less.
 Mounting to a pedestal
When mounting this product to a pedestal, make sure carefully that the lens doesn't touch with the
 Do not expose the camera's image-pickup-plane to sunlight or other intense light directly.
Its inner CMOS sensor might be damaged.
 Occurrence of moiré
If you shoot thin stripe patterns, moiré patterns (interference fringes) may appear. This is not a
 Occurrence of noise on the screen
If an intense magnetic or electromagnetic field is generated near the camera or connection cable,
noise may be generated on the screen. If this occurs, move the camera or the cable.
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Bottom of
C-mount lens
the screw
8mm or less
9mm or less


Table of Contents

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