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Warranty; Service And Spare Parts - AEG 949600686 Instruction Book

Aeg cooktop user manual
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Check to see whether a fuse has
Check to see whether the relay is
switched off.
If the problem is not with the fuse or
relay, do not attempt to correct it
Instead, contact our service network -
all repairs must be performed by our
service personnel.


This unit is warranted against defects
in materials and workmanship, when
used as intended, for a period of one
year from the date of purchase. The
warranty covers both parts and service,
as well as necessary transportation
costs. Keep your proof of purchase.
The warranty does not cover damages
which are not due to defects in
materials or workmanship. Repair, or
attempted repair, by any party other
than our authorized service network
will invalidate the warranty. The
warranty does not cover an unjustified
house-call by our service network.

Service and spare parts

Service and repair of this unit must be
carried out by our service personnel, or
by an alternative service organisation,
approved by the distributor. Only spare
parts delivered by the distributor may
be used. Spare parts and service are the
domain of our service network.



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