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Stainless Steel Surfaces; The Grill - AEG 949600686 Instruction Book

Aeg cooktop user manual
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Stainless steel surfaces

Perform daily cleaning with a slightly
damp cloth. For more severe soiling,
use a liquid scouring cream. Always
clean the steel in the direction of the
steel finish. To ensure that the steel
retains its shine, it is recommended
that you use a polishing agent for
stainless steel on a regular basis.
Always polish in the direction of the
steel finish (cross-wise).
Never use steel wool, metal sponges or
other abrasive cleaning agents.

The Grill

The grill must be cold before cleaning.
The grill grid
The grilling grid should be cleaned
after each use.
1. Remove burnt-in fat and bits of
food with a scouring pad. If the grid
is heavily soiled you can let it soak
in warm water with washing up
2. Clean the grilling grid with washing
up liquid or in the dishwasher.
3. Apply a thin coat of cooking oil to
the grid
The lava stone
It is not necessary to clean the lava
stones after each use.
The lava stones absorb and burn fat
during use. Clean the stones when they
have become very soiled. You can
clean the stones in two ways.
1. Boil the stones in water added
washings up liquid.
2. Place the stones in the frying basket
and wash it all in the dishwasher.
Replace the lava stones when they can
not be cleaned satisfactory by the
described methods.
New stones may be bought from your
white goods dealer.
The heating elements
Normal the heating elements will burn
of fat during use but if the heating
elements get very soiled by fat or bits
of food you can clean them with a hard
The fryer
You can leave the oil in the container
from time to time. How often you need
to change the oil depends on how often
you use the fryer and for what.
You should change the oil and clean
the frying container when the oil
changes colour and/or if the oil begins
to smell.



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