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Safety Rules - AEG 949600686 Instruction Book

Aeg cooktop user manual
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That the safety rules in the instructions
have not been complied with.
That repair has been made by others
than an authorised service technician.
The unoriginal spare parts have been
That the damage is caused by transport
at a later date, for instance during
removal or resale.
That the damage is caused by any form
of use contrary to common sense.
Areas of use
The hob is only intended for normal
household use. It is important that you
follow the advice given in these
instructions in order to avoid any risk
of damage to persons and objects.
Used for any other purpose invalidates
the guarantee as well as product
Before using the unit
Some unpleasant odour and smoke
may occur the first time you use the
hob. Therefore please wash the frying
container, basket and the heating
element in hot water with washing-up
liquid. Pour 3 liters of water with some
detergent into the frying container.
Warm up the water and let it boil for
about 10 minutes. Empty the water
into a bowl through the bottom tap and
flush with hot water. Before using the
chip-fryer, fit the enclosed metal filter
over the drain hole in the base of the
frying receptacle. The filter dome
must face upwards when in position.
Wash the grill grid, place it on the grill
and turn on the grill (step 12). Leave it
on for 3 minutes.
The electrical installation must be
made by a certified electrician. Avoid
pinching the cable. The electric parts
of the hob must not be tampered with.

Safety rules

You can prevent fire and avoid serious
injuries by following the safety rules
below. Remember that the grill
becomes so hot that it can set fire to
paper, cleaning rags etc. Remember
that hot frying-oil can cause serious
burns. Never leave the appliance
unattended when in use.



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