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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    How do I replace the shaving heads?____________________________ Ordering accessories_____________________________________________ Troubleshooting__________________________________________________ Introduction Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at or via the app. General description Pop-up trimmer...
  • Page 4: What Do The Icons On My Appliance Handle Mean

    English 15 Cleaning brush 16 Length settings 17 Click-on beard styler attachment 18 Comb for beard styler attachment 19 Attachment holder 20 Click-on cleansing brush attachment 21 Click-on nose trimmer attachment Note: The accessories supplied may vary for different products. The box shows the accessories that have been supplied with your appliance.
  • Page 5 English Icon Behavior Meaning Flashing quickly The cleaning program was stopped. If you when you wish to continue, you need to restart the remove the cleaning cycle by putting the shaver into shaver from the the Quick Clean Pod and pressing the Quick Clean Pod on/off button.
  • Page 6: What Does The Icon On My Quick Clean Pod Mean

    English Icon Behavior Meaning Bottom light The battery is almost empty (see 'How do flashing orange I charge my appliance?'). Lights flashing in The appliance is charging. sequence Lights up The appliance is fully charged. continuously What does the icon on my Quick Clean Pod mean? Icon Behavior...
  • Page 7 English 2 Insert the small plug into the appliance and put the supply unit in the wall socket. - While the appliance is in quick charge mode, the lights of the battery status indicator light up one after the other. After approximately 5 minutes, the bottom light of the battery status indicator flashes.
  • Page 8: How Do I Use My Appliance And The Attachments

    English - As the appliance continues to charge, the light ring becomes brighter and rotates slower. - When the appliance is fully charged, the light ring lights up fully and stops rotating. 4 After charging, remove the supply unit from the wall socket and pull the small plug out of the charging stand.
  • Page 9 English start with the guided shave to enhance your shaving experience. - Correct handling of your appliance will contribute to the best shaving result. - Follow the advice obtained from the synchronized shaves and the personalized programs. Shaving You can use this appliance either wet or dry, or even under the shower.
  • Page 10 English 3 Use the narrow sides of the shaving unit to shave in hard-to-reach areas such as along your jawline and under your nose. 4 Switch off and clean the appliance after each use. Note: Make sure you rinse all foam or shaving gel off the appliance.
  • Page 11 English - Clean the appliance and attachments after each use to prevent clogging and damage (see 'How do I clean my appliance and the attachments?'). - Clean the shaving heads thoroughly once a month or when the appliance does not shave as well as it used to (see 'Thorough cleaning').
  • Page 12 English 4 You can also use the trimmer under your nose. 5 Switch off the appliance and clean the trimmer after each use to prevent clogging and damage (see 'How do I clean my appliance and the attachments?'). 6 Close the trimmer. Using the click-on attachments Note: The accessories supplied may vary for different products.
  • Page 13 English 3 Press the length selector and then push it to the left or right to select the desired hair length setting. 4 Switch on the appliance. 5 Move the appliance upwards while you exert gentle pressure. Make sure the front of the comb is in full contact with the skin.
  • Page 14 English Using the nose/ear trimmer attachment You can use the nose/ear trimmer attachment to trim your nose and/or ear hair. Trimming nose hair Make sure both the nose/ear trimmer attachment and nasal passages are clean before trimming. 1 Twist the shaving head or other attachment to remove it from the handle and press the nose/ear hair trimmer onto the handle.
  • Page 15 English Do not insert the trimming head more than 0.5 cm into your ear channel, as this could damage the eardrum. 4 Slowly turn the trimming head around to remove all unwanted hairs from your outer ear channel. 5 Switch off the appliance and clean the attachment after use.
  • Page 16 - Store the appliance in the pouch (if supplied). - Alternatively, store the appliance on the charging stand (if supplied) or in the Philips Quick Clean Pod (if supplied). Travel lock You can lock the shaver when you are going to travel to prevent it from switching on accidentally.
  • Page 17: How Do I Clean My Appliance And The Attachments

    English Press the on/off button for 3 seconds to use the travel lock mode. When the travel lock is activated, the travel lock 3 sec. symbol flashes. Note: Bluetooth is switched off when the travel lock is activated. Deactivating the travel lock Press the on/off button for 3 seconds.
  • Page 18 English 3 Switch off the shaver. Press the release button to open the shaving unit. 4 Rinse the hair chamber under a warm tap. 5 Rinse the shaving head holder under a warm tap. 6 Carefully shake off excess water and let the shaving head holder air-dry completely.
  • Page 19 English 2 Press the release buttons on the shaving unit and pull the shaving head holder off the shaving unit. 3 Rinse the hair chamber and shaving head holder under the tap. 4 Remove the shaving heads. For detailed instructions, see 'How do I replace the shaving heads?.' Note: Do not clean more than one cutter and guard at a time, since they are all matching sets.
  • Page 20 English 1 Make sure that the appliance is switched off and disconnected from the wall socket. 2 Push the trimmer release slide down to open the pop-up trimmer. 3 Switch on the appliance and rinse the pop-up trimmer with warm water. 4 After cleaning, switch off the appliance.
  • Page 21: How Do I Use The Quick Clean Pod

    English 3 Clean the parts thoroughly with warm water. Use soap only on the cleansing brush attachment. Tip: If rinsing the nose/ear trimmer attachment under the tap is not sufficient, press the attachment onto handle and immerse the trimming head in a glass with warm water for a few minutes.
  • Page 22 English 3 Lift the tab on the seal and pull it by the corner to remove the seal from the Quick Clean Pod Cartridge. 4 Press the small circular piece on the handle of the Quick Clean Pod Cartridge to break the snap hook on the handle.
  • Page 23 English Clean Pod (see 'How do I clean my appliance and the attachments?'). Always shake excess water off the shaver before you place it in the Quick Clean Pod. 1 Place the shaver upside down into the Quick Clean Pod. The shaver automatically detects that it is in the Quick Clean Pod.
  • Page 24: How Do I Connect My Shaver And Smartphone

    4 Place a new Quick Clean Pod Cartridge into the Quick Clean Pod (see 'Preparing the Quick Clean Pod for use'). Scan the QR code to the left or visit to order replacement Quick Clean Pod Cartridges. How do I connect my shaver and smartphone? Note: Make sure your smartphone is equipped with Bluetooth®...
  • Page 25 The app is compatible with a wide range of iPhone and Android™ smartphones. More information is available at 1 Download the app. 2 Make sure Bluetooth on you smartphone is switched on.
  • Page 26 If you need further support, visit Unpair the shaver and smartphone You can pair your shaver with only one smartphone at a time. To unpair your shaver from your smartphone (e.g.
  • Page 27: How Do I Replace The Shaving Heads

    Replace damaged shaving heads immediately. Always replace the shaving heads with original Philips shaving heads (see 'Ordering accessories'). Replacing the shaving heads 1 Switch off the shaver. 2 Press the release buttons on the shaving unit and pull the shaving head holder off the shaving unit.
  • Page 28: Ordering Accessories

    Ordering accessories To buy accessories or spare parts, visit or go to your Philips dealer. You can also contact the Philips Consumer Care Center in your country (see the international warranty leaflet for contact details). The following accessories and spare parts are...
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    English - CC12 Philips Quick Clean Pod Cartridge 2-pack - CC13 Philips Quick Clean Pod Cartridge 3-pack - CC16 Philips Quick Clean Pod Cartridge 6-pack Note: The availability of the accessories may differ by country. Troubleshooting This chapter summarizes the most common problems you could encounter with the appliance.
  • Page 30 English Problem Possible cause Solution Make sure that your smartphone is within one meter of your shaver to enable a Bluetooth connection. Make sure your shaver is charged. I want to use You do not have to connect the shaver your shaver with your without the smartphone before each app.
  • Page 31 Philips Quick Clean Pod Problem Possible cause Solution My shaver isn't clean You removed the Leave the shaver in...
  • Page 32 Pod after rinsing the the shaving heads shaver but not each time before shaking off excess putting the shaver water. into the Philips Quick Clean Pod. You shaved with Rinse the shaving shaving gel or foam heads thoroughly and did not rinse the...
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