Safety Precautions; Power Supply Precautions; Installation Precautions - Samsung WAM5500 User Manual

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Safety precautions


Power Supply Precautions

• Do not overload outlets or extension cords.
- This may result in abnormal heat or fire.
• Do not plug in or unplug the power cord with wet hands.
• Do not place the product near heating equipment.
• To clean the power plug blades, remove the plug from the wall outlet and wipe the blades with
a dry cloth only.
• Do not bend the power cord or pull it forcefully.
• Do not put heavy objects on the power cord.
• Do not plug the power cord into a loose or damaged outlet.
• Fully insert the power cord's plug into the the wall outlet so that the plug is firmly attached to
the outlet.
- If the connection is unstable, there is a risk of fire.

Installation Precautions

• Do not install the product near equipment or objects that generate heat or produce fire
(candles, mosquito coils, heaters, radiators, etc.). Do not install in direct sunlight.
• When moving the product, turn off the power and disconnect all cords (include the power
cord) from the unit.
- A damaged cord may cause a fire and poses a risk of electric shock.
• Installing the product in environments with high heat or humidity, dust, or extreme cold, can
lead to quality problems or cause the product to malfunction. Before you install the product
in an environment that is outside the norm, please contact a Samsung service centre for
additional information.
• When placing the product on a shelf, cabinet, or desk, make sure the top panel faces upwards.
• Do not place the product on an unstable surface (e.g. a shaky shelf, a tilted desk, etc.).
- Dropping the product can cause it to malfunction and poses a risk of injury. Severe vibration or
impact can also cause the product to malfunction and lead to a fire hazard.
• Install your product with enough space around it for ventilation.
- Leave at least 10cm at the rear of the product and more than 5cm on each side of the product.
• Keep the plastic packing materials out of reach of your children.
- Children playing with the plastic packing materials run the risk of suffication.

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Table of Contents

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