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Additional Information


About the Network Connection

• Depending on the wireless router used, some network operations may perform differently.
• For detailed information on networking with a wireless router or modem, refer to the router's
or modem's documentation.
• Select one wireless channel that is not used currently. If the selected channel is used by
another communication device nearby, radio interference may result in communication failure.
• In compliance with the newest Wi-Fi certification specifications, the HUB does not support
WEP, TKIP, or TKIP-AES (WPA2 Mixed) security encryption in networks running in the 802.11n
• By its nature, wireless LAN may experience radio interference depending on the environmental
conditions (such as wireless router performance, distance, obstruction, interference with other
wireless devices, etc.)
• WEP encryption does not work with WPS (PBC) / WPS (PIN).

Works with SmartThings™

• This product is compatible with SmartThings.
• SmartThings service varies from country to country.
• For more information, visit


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Table of Contents

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