Samsung WAM5500 User Manual
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Wireless Audio - 360
User Manual
the possibilities
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  • Page 1 WAM5500/WAM3500/WAM1500/WAM1501 Wireless Audio - 360 R5/R3/R1 User Manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at
  • Page 2: Regulatory Compliance Statements

    Safety Information Regulatory Compliance Statements CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF The lighting flash and arrowhead The explanation point within the within the triangle is a warning sign ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE triangle is a warning sign alerting alerting you to dangerous voltage THE COVER (OR BACK).
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions ❚ Read these operating instructions carefully before using the unit. Follow all the safety instructions listed below. Keep these operating instructions handy for future reference. Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    • Installing the product in environments with high heat or humidity, dust, or extreme cold, can lead to quality problems or cause the product to malfunction. Before you install the product in an environment that is outside the norm, please contact a Samsung service centre for additional information.
  • Page 5: Usage Precautions

    • This product contains dangerous high voltage. Do not attempt to disassemble, repair, or modify it yourself. - Contact a Samsung service centre when your product is in need of repair. • Do not place any container that contains liquid on the product (e.g. a vase, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.).
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents SAfeTy INfORMATION CONNeCTING TO A WI-fI NeTWORk Regulatory Compliance Statements .. 2 Connecting to Bluetooth Devices ... 13 Warning ..........2 Connecting TV to the speaker ..15 CAUTION ..........2 Important Safety Instructions ....3 Connecting to TV via bluetooth (TV SoundConnect) ......
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Getting Started Accessories Confirm you have the supplied accessories shown below. Quick Setup Guide Regulatory Guide • WAM5500/WAM3500 • WAM1500 Power Cord Power Cord Power Adapter • WAM1501 (Depending on the country and model) Power Adapter AC Plug Connect the AC plug to the adapter until you hear a "snapping" sound to ensure they are securely fastened.
  • Page 8: Speaker Top

    Speaker Top Operation Terminology ❚ Touch/Tap Touch and Hold Swipe MODE MODE < WAM5500/WAM3500 > < WAM1500/WAM1501 > WAM5500/ Display Displays the current status. WAM3500 WAM1500/ Indicator Flashes, glows, or changes colour depending on the speaker's status. WAM1501 MODE Button Toggle between the TV SoundConnect, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modes.
  • Page 9: Oled Display And Led Indicator Descriptions

    OLed display and Led Indicator descriptions ❚ <R3/R5 OLed indicator> OLED Display Description Indicated Action Circle size increases or decreases, then fades Power on / Wake-up / Power off Play icon Play Pause icon Pause Volume status Volume up or down Wave moves to the right Next song Wave moves to the left...
  • Page 10: Speaker Bottom

    SPK ADD/Wi-Fi SETUP • Press and hold this button for more than 5 seconds when connecting the speaker to your network using the Wi-Fi Setup method. (Requires a smart device and the Samsung Multiroom app.) SERVICE For service only. Label...
  • Page 11: Connecting The Power Cord

    Connecting the Power Cord ❚ <WAM5500, WAM3500> Connect the power cord of your speaker as shown. Push the power cord into the notch at the edge of the speaker bottom. This lets the speaker rest flat when you stand it up.
  • Page 12: Installing On A Wall

    9 For more information, please refer to the Wall Mount's manual. 9 Samsung Electronics is not liable for any damage to the product due to the product being installed inappropriately. 9 Please beware not to install the speaker being laid down or turned upside down.
  • Page 13: Connecting To Bluetooth Devices

    MODE Turn on the Bluetooth function of your smart device, and then select Search. Select the [Samsung] R5, [Samsung] R3 or [Samsung] R1. The Bluetooth connection between the smart device and the product is made. Without connection with Samsung Multiroom app, you might see...
  • Page 14 9 This product may cause electric interference during its operation. 9 The product supports SBC data (44.1kHz, 48kHz). 9 In Bluetooth mode, the Play/Pause/Next/Prev functions are available in Bluetooth devices supporting AVRCP. 9 Connect only to a Bluetooth device that supports the A2DP (AV) function. 9 You cannot connect to a Bluetooth device that supports only the HF (Hands Free) function.
  • Page 15: Connecting Tv To The Speaker

    - The connection may be lost or sound may stutter if the distance between the TV and the product exceeds 10 m. 9 The SoundConnect feature is available on some Samsung TVs released since 2012. Check whether your TV supports the SoundShare or SoundConnect function.
  • Page 16: Appendix

    • Does an error occur when On in your TV's menu. connecting? • Update your TV with the latest firmware. • Contact the Samsung Call Centre. • Touch and hold the MODE button for more than 5 seconds to reset TV SoundConnect and connect a new TV.
  • Page 17 Symptom Check Remedy HUB doesn't work properly. • Is the HUB plugged in? • Plug in the HUB. • Is the LAN cable connected to • Connect the LAN cable to the ETHERNET SWITCH the wireless router and the HUB on the back properly? of the HUB and to your wireless...
  • Page 18: Open Source Licence Notice

    Licences • The Spotify Software is subject to third party licences found here : • For more information about Spotify Connect, please visit www.spotify. com/connect Specifications R5 (WAM5500) 2.7 Kg Weight R3 (WAM3500) 2.0 Kg R1 (WAM1500/WAM1501) 1.4 Kg R5 (WAM5500) Φ166.0 X 313.0 (H) mm...
  • Page 19: Additional Information

    - For further details on using the product, visit - for India Only "This product is RoHS compliant" Additional Information About the Network Connection ❚ • Depending on the wireless router used, some network operations may perform differently. • For detailed information on networking with a wireless router or modem, refer to the router's or modem's documentation.
  • Page 20 Contact SAMSUNG WORLd WIde If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care centre. Country Contact Centre  Web Site U.S.A 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) North America (English) CANADA 1-800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) (French)
  • Page 21 *8000 (apel in retea) ROMANIA 08008-726-78-64 (08008-SAMSUNG) Apel GRATUIT CYPRUS 8009 4000 only from landline, toll free 80111-SAMSUNG (80111 726 7864) only from land GREECE line (+30) 210 6897691 from mobile and land line LITHUANIA 8-800-77777 LATVIA 8000-7267
  • Page 22 SAUDI ARABIA 800 247 3457 (800 24/7 HELP) PAKISTAN 0800-Samsung (72678) TUNISIA 80 1000 12 U.A.E 800-SAMSUNG (800 - 726 7864) OMAN 800-SAMSUNG (800 - 726 7864) (English) MENA KUWAIT 183-CALL (183-2255) (Arabic) BAHRAIN 8000-GSAM (8000-4726)

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